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Feb 1 2013 Anchor

Game Style : Sandbox Space Sim (RPG) MMO

Players are a "Star-ship - Pilot" that commandeer a vessel in our solar system far in the yet near future. Earth is all but a chaotic and violent mess of volcanic activity as it is now without a atmosphere, mankind now resides living in space stations orbiting or floating around moons scattered across the solar system. (I know not much of a back-story)

Space Stations:

Modular Design that may include a (Civilian Docking bay, Transport Docking Facility, Security Block, Medical Facility, SRB, and Market)

- Civilian Docking bay:

* Allows "Shuttle Class" Vessels carrying passenger's indirect access via "Security Block" to the Medical Facilities, Market, and Sol Relations Board(SRB)

- Transport Docking Facility:

* Allows all ships designated as "Transport Class" Vessels to have ability to dock and retrieve or sell items either traded or otherwise in the Market.

- Medical Facility:

* If one is killed in space you will automatically Spawn in at the nearest Medical Facility. It is also a refuge given one is infected by a Virus or plague.

- SRB * Sol Relations Board:

* Room with main intentions of establishing new Alliances Between players or affirming new Wars between Alliances. As in our solar system there is no defined past the Earth government and its moon development the people of Sol now only rely on each-other for expansion deeper into the Sol System. As the farthest station currently established under the defined government is the "Mars Station". *more explained later*

- Market:

* Where players exchange any item at any "SXC" (Sol Currency) price they deem for the item, OR players may trade a(or more) specific item(s) for one(or more) Specific item(s). *** Allowing player controlled trade economy ***

- Security Block:

* Do not pass go do not collect 200 SXC... in other words if you commit crimes against the defined government you will have to pay a price for doing so. either by a stated "bail" amount for your release or continue your sentence of imprisonment. If the sentence is to severe a Player may have to be placed in "Stasis" (Life in Prison) where the players only option is to surrender all their SXC to the defined government and instate a "Bail" = 50% of the SXC that was collected.

- Alliance Station's may build these additional Station Modular

* Refining Facility, Science Facility, Factory, and Inventions Facility *

- Refining Facility:

* Allows ores to be refined into basic or advanced materials given the appropriate science is applicable.

- Science Facility:

* Allows players to apply any Science to discovery of new advancements in Sol. The holder of the new advancement may name it. Others that discover it for themselves will notice that the advancement has already been discovered but that they may now use it in Invention Theory.

- Inventions Facility:

* Allows players to apply their known sciences to Invent Particular "thing's" which by definition may be anything.

- Factory:

* Allows players to Assemble their "Things" into separate other "Things" that may create "Something" perhaps a new ammunition type? new Engine? new way to harvest raw materials?


Other words Giant Alliance Facility! That Alliances may build given the alliance has enough resources to do so (IS A LOT) which is a Station that includes every Station Module with the inclusion of a (Gravitational Fixture Array "Fixes the Facility in One Position") that needs to be built first. *more explained later* The "NOF Base" can be destroyed by other players! *Also more explained later*


The wonderful Idea of Ships!

As every player owns a small "Frigate" vessel when they first start the game. At first you are able to Pilot your Frigate but need a crew! you can hire NPC crew's at any station that has a SRB. once hired that NPC will gain experience at to whatever you deem' them to be, the more experience that NPC has to do "something" the better that NPC is creating your Assets *more on this later*.

Ships Contain Modules!

CDM - Command Designation Module: (The Command Deck)

- Varies in size and Tactical capabilities, that controls Specific parts of the ship together! for instance ""Type"Weapons_System's" ""Type"Navigation_System's" etc.

ERM - Engineering Room Module:

- Uses a Energy Source or "THE CORE" -> converts the energy using a "ENERGY CONVERTER" to transfer that energy *##*

1. to the "ENGINE" where the engine propels the craft.

2. to the "STABILIZERS" where they can turn the craft "left or right or up or down while keeping the "Plane variable or Square"

3. to the "POWER DISTRIBUTOR" where it transfers power to all other parts of the ship that draw power

- A Engineers facility to maintain engine properties, during any fatal damages or complications to the actual engines the Engineers may be able to correct the problem via ERB. Different variations of ERM's may have capability to control more then one Engine.

("Type" Engine) - Is attached to the ERM and is only defined as a piece of equipment. By Standard Technology currently equipped!

In order for a ship to navigate "move around" It MUST have a CDM and ERM with the equipment attached and in order!

TOCM - Tactical Ordinance Control Module:

- On the external part of the module houses a stated allotment of "ordinance system" which could be a variety of weapons, extractors, collectors, or radars, and other sensors.

- Ordinance requires a desired amount of power to operate limiting what can actually be activated at a given time NOT installed as installation only requires processing power of the "SHIPS COMPUTER" located in the CDM. Thus requiring some specific management as to what "ordinance_systems" are operating at a given time without causing "CRITICAL CORE OVERHEATING" which could lead to a cataclysmic event destroying the ship leaving nothing but scrap! This rule does not only apply to the TOCM but every other component on the ship with the exception of the "SHIPS COMPUTER" which has its own contained power source that also privately operates the life support system in case of a controlled core malfunction the ship would at least still be a life-boat.

CSB - Cargo and Shuttle Module:

- This is the ships hold where any items or ores and other things the player collects is stored until it can be "safe-Stored" on a station.

- Also the hangar for the Shuttle.

- Capacity will always vary on the Technology.

- The shuttles are one option to escape your ship with a few things if something bad where to happen

DCM - Defense Control Module:

- Similar to the TOCM this modules only purpose is defending the ship VIA, electric counter measures, Cloaking devices, flak devices(vs S2S Missiles "Ship to Ship"), Tactical Armament (Attacks other ships modules), and Tackle Devices (Slows targeted vessels maneuverability and speed). This gives the battle technique of any fight to be strictly Tactical, rendering the usual go in with the biggest guns approach and slaughter... Any ship that serves one sole purpose to just Attack would need to be supported by other ships designed specifically to defend which would be a complete waste if the tide gets flipped to either side. A ship should have a good balance of both offense and defense to prevent the whole "Dead in the Water" without a stick to throw back... unless you fancy turning your ship into a battering ram?

... now that the basic parts of a ship is covered how does one go into defining different kinds? This may only EVER become defined if one knew what he had to play god with. one will need the elements or ore's and processes to invention!

Types of "Ship Console's"

- Ships Computer "Ship Console" (CDM)

* The better the Ships computer -> means larger CPU and lower lag issues when switching operations within the ship (Max 100% debug) by default everything takes 15 seconds to initialize (example: Turning on a Weapon Control Unit takes 15 Seconds to do so and Shut down is Instant. Where the best of the best Ships computer will make that change change 7.5 seconds which is handy when coming out of Active Camo! or using High energy weapons to take down shields)

* Higher grade "Ships Computer" increases "BANDWIDTH" as every installment of any given equipment requires a stated amount of "BANDWIDTH" except the "Ships Computer itself.

- Weapon Control Unit "Ship Console" (TOCM)

* Weapon Control Units control the "Attacking Weapons - Lasers, Missile Launchers etc" via Crew.

* The better the "Weapon Control Unit" -> increases the damage % of weapons (MAX OF 25% Damage Increase!)(Virtual Amplifier)

* It takes 1 Weapon Control Unit to control 1 Weapon!

* The Crew member's skill dependency increases weapon "Tracking Speed increase % in Direct Fire Weapons" and "Missile Locking Time Increase %"

* A Crew Member must be assigned to the "Weapon Control Unit" in order to operate any Weapon at all.

* Better Weapon Control Units Require more Bandwidth!

- Navigation System "Ship Console" (CDM)

* Controls the over-all performance of Navigating

* The better the "Navigation System" -> Increases Navigation Effectiveness (Turn rate "Pitch, Yaw etc...) to a max of 25% increase in effectiveness

* Ships only require 1 "Navigation System" to Operate

* The Crew Member's skill dependency increases the main engine's Speed/Thrust to a max of 25%

* A Crew Member Must be assigned to the "Navigation System" in order to Navigate the Ship in any way.

* Better Navigation Systems require more Bandwidth!

- Heads Up Display "Ship Console" (CDM)

* As ships are not equipped with "Windows" to the outside of the ship itself for safety reasons a player needs the HUD

* Is the map that can be used to select a target -> specific actions or to attack, or asteroid to harvest, even assign destinations.

* Shows the Ships Current Position in the Solar System

* Basic models of the HUD are static and will only display relevant information on screen

* Better HUD's will display additional information.

* A HUD is a projection on the front of the (CDM) for the player to use as a reference.

* All HUD's have built in messaging systems, and Ship to Ship Communications (ie: Making Demands, or Threats to another player given they accept the invite, or join player built chat rooms or communications)

* Players may use the "Global Chatting System, and Help Chat" via any time by default clicking on the chat box!

* Better HUD's require more Bandwidth as well!

- Shielding Management System "Ship Console" (ERM)

* Controls the performance of the Ships shielding system

* Using a Slider to control Frequency Resistance to incoming energy weapons

* The better the Shielding Management System -> Adds additional Frequency Sliders and increases the Frequency range (By Default the Frequency Range is increments of 100 "0 - 1000") The closer the slider is to the frequency of the incoming energy attack the lower the damage to the shield. The Added sliders allow for different Frequencies to be used. (MAX OF 5 FREQUENCY SLIDERS), The same frequency cannot be matched twice!

* As shields protect by default 85% Damage Resistance to Kinetic Damage Due to that Kinetic Based weapons do not have a frequency.

* As shields protect by default 75% Damage Resistance to Explosive Damage, nearly renders any attack from Missiles useless. This does not apply to the Shock Radius of the missile for it still will effect the ship, meaning your better off destroying the missile before it detonates regardless!

* As shields protect by default 20% Damage Resistance to Energy Damage, if The energy frequency slider is similar to the incoming energy attack the damage lessens based varies to how close the shield frequency is to the incoming energy.

* The Crew Member Assigned to the "Shielding Management System" skill dependance increases lowers the time it takes to find the correct frequencies always based on the highest damage to lowest damage.

* Better Shielding Management Systems Require more Bandwidth!

- Defense Weapons Control Unit "Ship Console" (DCM)

* Defense Weapons Control Units control the "Defending Weapons - Flak Cannons, Interceptor Missiles etc" via Crew.

* The better the "Defense Weapons Control Unit" -> increases the damage % of weapons (MAX OF 25% Damage Increase!)(Virtual Amplifier)

* It takes 1 Defense Weapons Control Unit to control 1 Defending Weapon!

* The Crew member's skill dependency increases weapon "Tracking Speed increase % in Direct Fire Weapons" and "Interceptor Missile Reload Speed %"

* A Crew Member must be assigned to the "Weapon Control Unit" in order to operate any Weapon at all.

* Better Defense Weapons Control Units Require more Bandwidth!

*Will input more here later*


Player & Crew interaction:

- A player can select a crew member and designate what that crew member is to do!

* Can "Become Trainer" to "Select a Crew Member" and can increase the "Selected crew members experience" up to a max of the current "Crew members Level" but not to exceed.

* Can "Become Assistant" to "Select a Crew Member" and will take responsibility for "Selected Crew Members Job" given the "Selected Crew Member" is ever killed or becomes unconscious in a battle or during an accident.

* Can "Place Command" to "Select a Console, Select Engineer" where the Console would be where the Crew member would take control of a "Selected Console" or where a "Engineer" would roam the vessel in search of damages and repair them.

* Can "Become Security" will slowly gain experience in Ship Boarding Conflicts. (Adds to Crew members HP -> Damage Dealt to a max of 500hp -> 20 damage per shot) experience increases over time and gets +1 experience for every shot on enemy if one chooses to board opposing ship using Tackle equipment.

* Time As Trainer does not increase Crew Members Skills

* Time As Assistant does not increase Crew Members Skills

* Time As Engineer increases "Engineering Skill" which provides time improvements to solve a situation before becoming critical!

* Time At A Console increases the specific skills related to the console over time, while in use!

*Will add more here later*


Raw Material -> Compounded with other Raw materials to make alloys -> Alloy Combination -> Making a part

Mined Ore -> Refined & Processed -> Raw Material -> Compounded with other Raw materials to make alloys -> Alloy Combination -> Making a Part

Asteroid -> Raw Material -> Compounded with other Raw materials to make alloys -> Alloy Combination -> Making a Part

Mined Ore -> Refined & Processed -> Raw Material -> Compounded with other Raw materials to make alloys -> Alloy Combination -> Making a Part

Raw Material -> Compounded with other Raw materials to make alloys -> Alloy Combination -> Making a Part

Several Parts of different Variations Make Equipment, Modules, Consoles, even Ship or Station Components in Factory's

The Solar system map!

Diameter of the sun is = 695,500 km (our beautiful center of the Sol System!)

Radius of Murcury = 2,440 km

Length of Day = 58d 15h 30m

Sun Orbit = 88d (Earth Days)

Distance From Sun = 57,910,000 km

Radius of Venus = 6,052 km

Length of Day = 117d

Sun Orbit = 224.7d (Earth Days)

Distance From Sun = 108,200,000 km

Radius of Earth = 6,371 km

Length of Day = 24h

Sun Orbit = 364.3d

Distance From Sun = 121,820,000 km (unknown why it became closer to sun)

Moons = "Moon"

Radius of Mars = 3,389 km

Length of Day = 1d 40m

Sun Orbit = 687 days

Distance From Sun = 227,900,000 km

Moons = "Phobos" "Deimos"

Radius of Jupiter = 69,911 km

Length of Day = 10h

Sun Orbit = 4,320.5 days

Distance From Sun = 778,500,000 km

Moons = "Io" "Europa" "Ganymede" "Callisto" "Amalthea" "Himalia" "Elara" "Pasiphae" "Sinope" "Lysithea" "Carme" "Ananke" "Leda" "Thebe" "Adrastea" "Metis" "Callirrhoe" "Themisto" "Megaclite" "Taygete" "Chaldene" "Harpalyke" "Kalyke" "Iocaste" "Erinome" "Isonoe" "Praxidike" "Autonoe" "Thyone" "Hermippe" "Aitne" "Eurydome" "Euanthe" "Euporie" "Orthosie" "Sponde" "Kale" "Pasithee" "Hegemone" "Mneme" "Aoede" "Thelxinoe" "Arche" "Kallinchore" "Helike" "Carpo" "Eukelade" "Cyllene" "Kore" "Herse" "S/2003 J2" "S/2003 J3" "S/2003 J4" "S/2003 J5" "S/2003 J9" "S/2003 J10" "S/2003 J12" "S/2003 J15" "S/2003 J16" "S/2003 J18" "S/2003 J19" "S/2003 J23" "S/2010 J 1" "S/2010 J 2" "S/2011 J1" "S/2011 J2"

Radius of Saturn = 58,232 km

Length of Day = 10h 40m

Sun Orbit = 10,564.7 days

Distance From Sun = 1,433,000,000 km

Moons = "Aegaeon" "Aegir" "Albiorix" "Anthe" "Atlas" "Bebhionn" "Bergelmir" "Bestla" "Calypso" "Daphnis" "Dione" "Enceladus" "Epimetheus" "Erriapus" "Farbauti" "Fenrir" "Fornjot" "Greip" "Hati" "Helene" "Hyperion" "Hyrrokkin" "Iapetus" "Ijiraq" "Janus" "Jarnsaxa" "Kari" "Kiviuq" "Loge" "Methone" "Mimas" "Mundilfari" "Narvi" "Paaliaq" "Pallene" "Pan" "Pandora" "Pheobe" "Polydeuces" "Prometheus" "Rhea" "Sinarnaq" "Skadi" "Skoll" "Surtur" "Suttung" "Tarqeq" "Tarvos" "Telesto" "Tethys" "Thrym" "Titan" "Ymir"

Radius of Uranus = 25,362 km

Length of Day = 17h 14m

Sun Orbit = 30601.2d (84 years)

Distance From Sun = 2,877,000,000 km

Moons = "Cordelia" "Ophelia" "Bianca" "Cressida" "Desdemona" "Juliet" "Portia" "Rosalind" "Cupid" "Belinda" "Perdita" "Puck" "Mab" "Miranda" "Ariel" "Umbriel" "Titania" "Oberon" "Francisco" "Caliban" "Stephano" "Trinculo" "Sycorax" "Margaret" "Prospero" "Setebos" "Ferninand"

Radius of Neptune = 24,622 km

Length of Day = 16h 6m

Sun Orbit = 60,036.6 days

Distance from the sun = 4,503,000,000 km

Moons = "Triton" "Nereid" "Naiad" "Thalassa" "Despina" "Galatea" "Larissa" "Proteus" "Halimede" "Psamathe" "Sao" "Laomedeia" "Neso"

(Pluto no longer exists)

Radius of Planet X = 17,858 km (Homeworld of the Unknown) (Players will need to discover this planet)

Length of Day = 73h 18m

Sun Orbit = 742.2 days

Distance from the sun = 7,225,600,000 km

Moons = "Ragenorok" "Essensar" "Sacrifice"


Sol Main Belt:

Inner Distance from Sun = 310,000,000 km

Outer Distance from Sun = 406,000,000 km

The Outer Ring:

Inner Distance from Sun = 6,720,500,000 km

Outer Distance from Sun = 6,895,000,000 km

The Entire Sandbox will be 10 billion km in Radius. (20 billion km from one side of the map to the other) Everything will have a working orbit system of some sort.


And to conclude this idea...

I know this is A PILE of "Stuff" here not to mention all the other "Stuff" that would need to be added like the different variations of ships to modules etc, as one would think some of this sounds pretty scatterbrained maybe? Lots of this idea is missing or needs added of-coarse. As its simply put :) my idea.

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