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Jan 5 2016 Anchor

Hi developers! I am a new member and I have a project in indieDB, this is my first time in this forum and I want say, Nice to meet you to everybody!

Now I want do a interesting question that safe be here, but this thread is a reflexion.

You think that the indie games is obligatory today carry a multiplayer mode?

My answer, not is obligatory, I know that without a multiplayer mode needs more content for the enjoy the user but the multiplayer mode is a secondary content and games as Fran Bow, FNAF and the AAA Fallout 4 (my inspiration), they don't need the multiplayer mode for be a bigger games than Call of Duty, Minecraft, etc...

PD: Sorry for my grammar I'm learning the English language.

Jan 6 2016 Anchor

Actually would look forward to open-world multiplayer mode of Fallout 4, Skyrim etc. Co-op and versus mode, 8 players max, not MMO. It is really shame to see so many cRPGs not getting multiplayer sandbox/openworld mode.

Indies? Depends on your genre and your game itself. Glancing at some heavily multiplayer-supporting indies such as Mount & Blade Warband and Terraria, implementing multi can prove quite useful. Same about modding support - indie games sporting good mod support may have a much longer lifetime.

Important? Yes. Obligatory? No.

Jan 6 2016 Anchor

My game is a turn based tactic, but I don't have the idea to add a multiplayer mode of this moment, the important of this games as Fallout 4 etc... Is offer many content and a good history for not think in a multiplayer mode. I did read in a some press site that the developers "Then we see in Fallout 4 and thought it was an awesome idea but distanced himself too much from what we wanted to do which is a single-player experience. I could see ways in which worked, but rational development, were very different experiences. "

Then I share your opinion, it's depend the genre and the experience that you want to give.

Jan 6 2016 Anchor

When I think of Indie games, I don't think of multiplayer. I think of interesting game mechanics and of crazy stories. Both of which the AAA game companies probably will never want to make due to them being too risky to bet 10 million dollars on.

I would say if your mechanics and story both support multiplayer then by all means put it in. It definitely sounds like it can, but then again I would worry about the cost of keeping the servers going to support the pvp community.

Jan 6 2016 Anchor

Apart of the economic difference between AAA companies and indie companies, I think too that the indie games are an expression means and they need the high inversion in creativity and no in money. How many indie games has a multiplayer mode? But they haven't a history mode for his games. In exception Gameloft, but they have many haters.

Jan 17 2016 Anchor

Obligatory? No. Benefits? Definitely has its benefits even if it isn't that good. But the positive effect of it depends on how well it sync with the game's plot and gameplay.

INtense! End Boss
Jan 17 2016 Anchor

I believe multiplayer is quite important as it encourages word of mouth as you want your friends and others to play with you. Multiplayer also encourages competition enabling you to do much more with mods and leaderboards - as it keeps your game fresh and always different.


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Mar 22 2016 Anchor

In some games have a campaign mode and multiplayer mode but don't get the exit for create a big community for sharing his game. Start with the campaign without multiplayer mode with your first game it's better. If you want will create a second part or expansion of your game will can you include a multiplayer mode. It's a good choose for me.

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