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Jul 20 2012 Anchor

Fusion - after over a year in mapping with source, years in drawing and concept design, working with other on mods, and a few "keen" guys I started the source mod or game.. Fusion.

Before you is it's beginning, and regretful end...maybe.

That may be up to people like you now...

Either way I am a strong believer in learning from you mistakes, I can say in confidence I learnt many.

I may say it was 1000's of hours wasted, in a way it was..but it was a fun ride, and like i said. I learned so much.

Please watch the video to learn all about it.

I am currently looking for a new mod or indie game to join...Or people who can help me revitalize this.

- Thall

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xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Jul 20 2012 Anchor

The video was removed by the user, what was your mod and video about anyhow. Im kind of interested since you have spent 1000's of hours on it and that dedication needs to be seen or at least respected.

If you want to find a new project/mod to work on do you want to help me out with HOTD.

Jul 20 2012 Anchor

Video is back up.

xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Jul 20 2012 Anchor

Ok I watched the video but what was this mod about. From what I saw in the video there were massive scenes and it looked well done, it would be a shame for your work to go to waste. I liked the concept art you showed, it looked really good.

I don't have much skills and I've never worked with the source engine so I wouldn't know how to help but maybe you could use this work for something new so all the time you spent wouldn't have been wasted.

Jul 20 2012 Anchor

The mod was designed to be a realistic sci-fi shooter. The player would have powers/abilities, some being designed would be a new for fps's.

Here is the story outlined into parts:

Main Characters: (Names TBA)

Player – The Protagonist and, unsure, and untrained, you must fight for your survival.

Alien - The alien scientist and protagonist’s friend, fighting for the future. - Genius, strength and agility

Administrator – The alien super solider (One of a kind, specially engineered by his faction) - Shape shifter, stealth warrior, genius and cunning thinker.


There are two alien factions of the same species, one fighting for peace, the other for total domination of the galaxy. They peaceful faction lives on their home world, the opposing faction is based on one of their moons.

Alien was marooned on earth when his tech & supply vessel was taken by a specially designed covert alien (Administrator) that tried to take over the ship and return it’s supplies to his faction, but unforseen actions by the alien scientist stops the admin and they are put in instant stasis by the aliens initiation of the ships emergency procedure. (Basically this is a form of stasis that freezes time inside the ship if there is a major haul breach or radioactive detection, so the passengers can live and be picked up/extracted safely, but in this case the vessel drifts for hundreds of years because there was damage to the homing beacon) Then eventually crash on earth, army intervenes, only one survivor found, admin climbs ranks in government taking their identities.

The island base is established. Ran and funded by the secret organisation known as the ‘united governments of earth’ (all nations (this is a working title) working with the marooned alien to developed advanced alien tech, and create a portal to establish a galaxy wide peace, exchange tech and resources.

The administrators plan is to harvest the earth’s resources, take over home world with a stronger army and extend their factions rule of the known galaxy.

About the Island and the Player:

The island itself is remote and hidden, protected by constant naval presence (Battleships, etc) there is:

·A communications tower capable of transmitting with home world for the alien and earth leaders to communicate with (and of course, the other faction)

·A large storage bunker

·Outposts (Security check points and secured areas of interest)

·1 functional and 1 destroyed village used by higher ranked (“trusted”) facility residents,

·The Islands protective energy field generator (Stops any unauthorised air borne activity from entering),

·The facility and its endless underground structures.

·Geothermal power plant. Possible due to active volcano and sea water, creates high output energy.

·The island/facility security is cloned drone (human) solders under strict control of the admin. Scientists and general workers that are unknowingly working for the admin and not government anymore.

About the player:

Player is given abilities that advance and stop during certain instances through the game, but ultimately because the hybrid nanos injected are meant for the hybrids his human body is rejecting it, and will eventually shut down. But they are keeping him alive at the same time.

This is the sequence of what the games path is, this is not meant to describe the reasons that govern the characters personalities, feelings or intentions, the cinematic sequences, actions, spoken scripts, that kind of detail comes later. Though do note that the Player and Alien have a personal comm link set up (Will explain a lot of the player direction in the game with Alien is not present).


Part 1.


- Wolf is mountain walking/climbing with brother.

Part 2.

- Wolf is teleported in by ‘Mage’ who needs immediate help. (Mage had set portal to linear frequency, player teleported in by fate. Mages excuse, we need anyone outside and not involved with facility, an open mind to help him get the message!)

- Player given injections. (Possible abilities, - telekinesis, optical HUD, increased stamina, nano skin and comm lnk)

- Alien escapes (must exit alternative way to bypass security)

Part 3.

- Player acquires weapon from portal guards killed by alien.

- Player under instruction of Alien finds a disguise and Identity credentials, head to secret freight elevator to reception.

- Navigate past reception and rendezvous with alien. There you learn about administrators plan to bring forth an army that can survive earth’s conditions. Take control of the earth, harvest its resources and begin plans to retake home world under superior hybrid/alien control.

Part 4.

- Go with alien in vehicle; go to comm tower to send out alien’s plea/evidence to the united governments that facility has been compromised.

- Island drones become aware and are alerted to your presence.

- Take out the comm tower guards while alien cleans out comm room and you help him set up a comm link with gov/navy.

- Government/navy responds by sending in troopers from naval guard to take back control.

Part 5.

- With the aliens help you try to attempt contact with friends/family but outside signals are now blocked by navy. Alien wants to fast track to power station to shut it down to let more naval troopers in and stop power to facility, mainly the portal.

- Players leaves comm tower. The transport you arrived in was destroyed, and the other vehicles are gone. You leave under direction of Alien to the storage bunker to get a vehicle so you can try to escape the island at the harbour, the alien head his way.

Your first encounter with the Administrator on walking path. You are stopped and greeted by him at the back of his alien ship/plane (admires your courage, before the ship attempts a kill shot the Alien jumps aboard the ship from the trees, ship flies away in panic.

Part 6.

- Player navigates through dense jungle, and the destroyed village. Player gets little resistance from facility drones. But are met by some test type hybrid clones.

- You to get to the storage bunker

Part 7.

- A few army troopers arrive at storage hangar to set up a base.

- You learn at the hanger if the army attempts to retake the facility fail, a nuclear missile strike will initiate once the power station is shut down, turning off the energy shield and portal. (Heard over army coms/radios transmissions/trooper conversations (whichever fits).

- Player escapes hanger and heads to power station to help alien to now stop it's shut down.

Part 8.

- Overwhelmed the alien is holding back using security (turrets, bots, etc). The army have lost the fight at the facility and push forward into the power plant. You and the alien are now simply collateral damage to the gov.

- Despite the alien’s use of the stations defences, the army has shut down the station. Army is now leaving to help the fight going on at the facility.

- Player arrives and turns power plant back on just in-time as nuke hits, back lash kills off naval guard. The reroute offsite energy storage transformers to keep energy field generators functioning. (Apart of the administrators plan)

- Alien decides the player and himself must infiltrate the facility and shutdown the portal.

- 1st Boss Fight – just outside power station, Alien is thrown off a cliff by the Boss at the start of fight, you then defeat boss. (Boss is a giant hybrid berserker, really not sure yet, will probably carry over to later levels and medium level enemy)

The second encounter with Administrator. He knocks you out, taken hostage and brought to a field generator location where he spills the beans about the plan to kill off navy presence then offers you a position made by his superiors, warns that just before you run out of time you must choose your side again, and leaves you to escape of your own free will

- Player escapes. You have no weapons.

Part 9.

- Player acquires vehicle and returns to facility.

- Army and workers have been wiped out at top levels. A small amount of hybrid resistance killed and there you acquire new hybrid weapons (as you progress to the end of story). Human weapons melted.

- Run into some hybrids on journey down.

- Player heads to science wing, acquires better weapons fighting more advanced hybrids.

- Player learns that portal is powering up for continuous portal opening run, to send in the full hybrid army.

- Player encounter 2nd boss. The Metal Fuser (Cross scientist/hybrid/metal telekinetic)

Part 10.

- Player heading down all levels to the portal to destroy it.

- Player encounters 3rd boss at research and development,

- During the fight the Alien returns (Probably triggered by half health of boss).] Alien helps you to kill the 3rd boss.

- Player heads to research and development to create a cure with now that alien returns. The alien fast tracks to portal.

- Players head down portal to destroy it.

- Player encounters administrator, he has the alien hostage. the choice is made.

- Player fights and sends administrator through opened portal.

- Player and alien are dying, alien recalibrates portal to his home world now that portal is at full power.

- They teleport leaving out leaving a bomb behind to destroy the facility.


Possible added sequences.

These are sequences that have no plan or map to fit into the current story path, they are additional ideas to be thrown around.

- Geothermal reactor malfunction, search through caves of lava. For reasons unknown yet.

- A trip to the energy field generators (9 in total spread evenly to keep field active, to repair defences or reactivate after power station shutdown.) This is besides the Administrators player abduction scene. For reasons unknown yet.

- Path via alien crash site. A directive to a secret building that holds recovered parts of ship or a section of the underground facility holding crash site parts or damaged ship. For reasons unknown yet.

- A trip through the functional village, before or after the incident escalates. For reasons unknown yet.

I have lots of experience with source mapping, textures and concept design. The sketches in the video were pretty average, I do much better work than that now.

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xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Jul 21 2012 Anchor

Well that's alot of information,sounds like this story and gameplay would fit well into crysis. You have planned alot so you shouldn't let it go to waste, wonder why nobody else has posted about this.

Sounds like an interesting story but what was up with the scenes in the video, they looked kinda odd.

Jul 22 2012 Anchor

What do you mean, scenes. The maps were obviously not finished but were nearly done, the first map was being optimized with some new dev textures.

Jul 22 2012 Anchor

impressive, but realistically thats so much work to be done on textures and there is no way to tell if it will become successful.
i made the same mistake and decided to redraw wolf3d from scratch when i could have done just the first episode and try to go from there.

Jul 22 2012 Anchor

I can, and I'm sure others can see these brushes with textures. Textures aren't that hard to make, sure they are time consuming.

To be honest "but realistically thats so much work to be done on textures and there is no way to tell if it will become successful" doesn't make sense, even after I decipher you bad grammar/English. I can tell it would be very successful, even with textures..haha

P.S. To anyone who cares to explain what he really meant, please don't, I get it.

xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Jul 22 2012 Anchor

I meant the odd colouring everywhere, it looked like a game where your inside your computer or something like that. I really don't know what he means I guess he's talking about that weirdness mod he did for Wolfenstein 3D, maybe if you spend tons of time on it that people may not even notice it so it could be seen as not being successful.

Jul 24 2012 Anchor

I'm seriously unimpressed by the lack of interest. I really don't get it. Anyway I'm still looking for an indie source mod to do.

xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Jul 24 2012 Anchor

Well the moddb forums aren't really all that great, for a mod database website you would expect more activity in the forums but sadly I think there isn't enough. Look at what we got here, 1 other person who was not me that posted when you would expect more to do so.

Jul 24 2012 Anchor

maybe people don't give two shits about this specific thread, does not mean the forum is inactive especially since people are constantly conversing all day long no matter what you claim

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TheUnabridgedGamer It's been a long time...
Jul 24 2012 Anchor

Stimor wrote: maybe people don't give two shits about this specific thread, does not mean the forum is inactive especially since people are constantly conversing all day long no matter what you claim

Actually Stimor, the forums are rather silent. Hell even the comments are often limited at best. You can have hundreds of fans but they might not ever say anything...

xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Jul 24 2012 Anchor

Yea im experiencing a massive slowdown of internet activity this year, it's just not what it use to be. There use to be mods left and right, posts/topics here and there but now there isn't much. I spent twice as much time floating on the internet last year compared to now, it wasn't really nice to say that Stimor and Reqieumthefallen us right.

Jul 24 2012 Anchor

Stimor, no, just no.

Edited by: Thall33

Jul 24 2012 Anchor

Hmm well the mod looked like a very good expansive beginging.. the main problem of course is finding those skilled in source.
and knowing where else to find people.. honestly you shoud try and get the models into the "game" / have those levels working.
I know it sound obnoxious... but i feel where your comming from , having been there living with making a mod all year long makes one cranky when you dont see a light at the tunnels end.
Giving up.. thats easy to do, taking a break and then returning to it may help... or you could try recruiting at other places for the same needs..(ive personally known about a guy who were banned from here due to personality clashes with some admin who was about as serious a modder as you could get).
Maybe he deserved it .. im sure there are others as well that are skilled .. and probably hate moddb.
On this site... so much content is hidden, tutorials are hidden away in specific groups... only by joining nearly every group and checking the tutorials bank there will you find out all the tutorials that lurk within moddb.
People here tend to be on / off with forum use... often times they spend more time here setting up a mod page... recruiting .. then they retreat a safe distance to work with the crew and make the chosen mod come true.
Please try to reframe from angry messages, because your hurt feelings may end up scaring away potential useful people and not the intended recipient.
Also in the end of you video i noted you went to show off the concept art... honestly thats whats looking the best at the moment.. though the levels look expansive they remain without textures so are less mind blowing then the concept art.
something i got from a making of series about a hollywood movie If you dont grab your audience in the first 15 seconds you have lost them for good.
the music is a little depressing, though i guess thats what you were trying to convey.
Listing the jobs you need filled ,may help :

instance :

Texturer ? , Coder ? , Rigger ? , Cutscene maker ? ,button art designer ? , HUD specific coder / art person ?, music technition ? ,voice actor ? , sound effect tech ? , .... the list goes on.

Asking for help in this more specific way might be more helpful.. though im less skilled at it myself so be sure to ask others.


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Nov 16 2012 Anchor

I am going to down scale everything, I am reworking the story into something more original.

Perhaps I'll split it into an episode format, focusing on a finalized and planned episode that's more realistic development wise, focusing on graphical art, story and game-play.

Smallchange GDI, 101st Airborn Division, Firehawk Pilot
Nov 16 2012 Anchor

Well, I have just read through the entire thread. So my conclusion:

  • I'm sad this isn't going as you had hoped, it really does look like it would have been great.
  • Stimor's an ass, lol j/k....
  • Planned episodes seem logical, I really hope you can bring this into light. I really look forward to it.

Sorry I didn't see this the many months ago it was originally posted. I only wish I could help, but I lack any knowledge of source. Maybe you could make a posting on the Moddb Jobs area? :)


Mod DB - Game Mod Manager
Mod DB - Game Mapper

Nov 17 2012 Anchor

I'll put together a proper GDD, some level layouts and some of the game-play ideas into a document then I'l start looking.

Cheers smallchange, I really appreciate the encouragement.

Edited by: Thall33

Nov 17 2012 Anchor

Too bad (for me) this isn't in UDK. I would've helped out : P

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