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Oct 5 2013 Anchor

Hi! I'm new to indie development and I would like to tell you about a work-in-progress of mine called The Marvelous Adventures of Naz. It's an adventure/cyber punk/noir game following the story of a private investigator, Naz, and his friends, Viv, Toni and Hayden. Each character has an individual but intertwining separate story-line unlocked by a play through of each of the following characters aside from the main story-line. First, a free(or paid) alpha version built in AGE will be released as a sort of... demo? see if people like the story and characters. Then a beta version in Unity 3D will be released taking into account all feedback and ideas and debugged and tweaked accordingly every iteration coming to a full release that will be paid on steam. Keep in mind, the beta in Unity 3D will be minimalistic so as to not give away visuals and voice and such.

If you like the concept please comment below and like(if it's possible).

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