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Mar 29 2006 Anchor

is there any way that i can get a mod from you guys that keeps the bodies from fading away that is the worst thing ever cause it takes away from the realism witch sucks. so if there is any one who can give me a link cause i wouldnt have posted this but i have been searching for 3 days straight.

Icemage Substance > Hype
Mar 29 2006 Anchor

Eh.. the game is brand new, and as far as I know has no software developer's kit, which makes it effectively unmoddable. You're just going to have to live with it for now until/unless Electronic Arts releases an SDK.


Creating a mod requires: Creativity. Skill. Effort. Two out of three doesn't count.

JoeX111 Tilting at windmills
Mar 29 2006 Anchor

I don't own the game, so this is just a throwing sand into the wind here, but you might want to see if there is a "Body Stay Duration" somewhere within the options menu or INI files.

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