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Dec 13 2012 Anchor

That Homeless Guy! is a game about the tough life of a homeless guy. He was enjoying his homeless life when, all of a sudden, his favourite sleeping box has been torn apart by hideous raving aliens! Oh no, what will he do? His life is ruined. But the hobo doesn't give up that easily! He already lost his home once and he won't allow it to happen again – this time he will fight.The game will combine a few gameplay styles, mainly action adventure game with some mild RPG elements. You'll fight a vast selection of creatures using improvised weapons you'll find in levels or buy them from other hobos in the hub level. What's special about it, comparing to other "beat em up"/action RPG games?


Well, you can equip any weapon in any hand, so you can carry two melee weapons, two ranged weapons or a mix of both, so that allows a wide selection of combinations, especially since weapons heavily differ from each other. Here is a few of them:weapons
Mechanics and levels:
That's not all, you'll also have to solve some minor puzzles to change the pace from fighting and beat a total of seven bosses in the main story, each with a different "catch", so it's not only senseless shooting and swinging.We're really focusing on diversity, so every level will have a different theme, enemies, weapons and mechanics, to avoid boredom and repetition. Even the levels are build around that logic, as you will encounter tight rooms with small evading space and bigger rooms filled with enemies.But that's only the main storyline. You'll be able to complete side missions in the main hub, a place where you can purchase new weapons, change equipment and select levels non-linearly. To complete a mini game you will have to talk to some other hobos that need your help and if you complete their side missions or a mini game you'll earn money or get a special item. Hobo can also increase his four basic stats, health, speed, melee and ranged combat, but only after he defeats a boss and gains a part of his box back.

There is also a "rage" or a "power" system, where the character gets stronger and almost invulnerable when you get enough kills. In this case it's called MANLINESS. Hobo will rip his shirt apart, showing his manly chest hair, yell MANLINESS, and manly annihilate everything on his path with his bare, manly fists.

Hobo's health is actually represented by his drunkenness meter which means he can take more hits the drunker he gets, but don't go overboard with "health potions" (also called booze), because too much alcohol will cause dizziness, loss of orientation and puking, leaving hobo exposed for attacks - so drink responsively.Free content!
We're also planning to support the game after the release in case it's popular and adding a few extra levels/campaigns and weapons – free of charge as we really hate paid DLC.


  • imaginative world and characters, far away from the typical game setting
  • challenging combat with loads of innovative and wacky weapons
  • lots and lots of humour
  • tons of enemies with various abilities
  • impressive bosses
  • secrets and unlockables
  • surprise camoes
  • mini games
  • free after release content

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Dec 13 2012 Anchor

So its a sidescroller?

Dec 14 2012 Anchor

i'am so getting this job, fuck yeah

Dec 14 2012 Anchor

It's not a sidescroller, it looks similar to handheld Zelda titles like The Minish Cap or just older RPG's. So a top down perspective.

Jan 4 2013 Anchor

Hey all, just wanted to say that at the moment, we have no usable art assets - only logos and concepts done by an external contractor. We are looking for a dedicated, reliable and passionate 2D sprite/pixel artist and animator to design the characters, objects, animations, backgrounds and generic level art necessary for us to release our demo. While we do not have an abundance of money, we are willing to provide a certain amount of compensation for you to complete this work, and when we have received additional funding following the release of our demo, we would be more than happy to compensate you further, should you wish to continue working with us.

The payment is negotiable, but as I said earlier, we are unable to offer huge sums at the moment, due to our lack of external funding.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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