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Nov 27 2020 Anchor

I wanted to start another thread because no matter what i do or who i contact i cannot figure this out. Every download on this site it doesnt matter what it is or what mirror i download off of be if from the CA mirrors or the EU mirros. i live on the east coast in the US and cannot for the life of me figure out why i have gig internet and so does my friend, same provider and everything. This friend and several of my other friends can download off this site at an uncapped limit, i however no matter what mod or mirror it is am capped at a hard 650kbs. so a mod that is 4 gigs takes me over 3 hours to install. i can install a 100gb game off steam at over 200mbs in under 30 mins. There is nothing i can think of why i have a cap on my download but my freinds dont. im not the first person i seen with this problem and i cannot figure out what causes this. The time of day i download doesnt matter it doesnt matter the day the month, anything, its always capped at 650kbs. PLEASE HELP, i have asked the support team on the site via emails and they were not very much help no offense. this has been going on for about a year and a half and i just cant stand it anymore. Any help will be much appreciated. THANK YOU.


i have only one theory and that is that i am either capped on this site by the people that run it cause i download alot of stuff from it or vice versa for my ISP and they cap me on just this site but i havent a clue if either of those are true

And one last thing is i have been on this site for a while and used to be able to download off here uncapped pretty much and it all changed about year and a half ago and now im stuck here with a very low cap

I FIXED THE ISSUE. i looked up after have been sus on log me in hamachi and it changed parameters in my pc. I will post the link to the fix that helped me. Solved: Installing Hamachi slows my internet speed - Page 2 - LogMeIn Community

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