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Nov 27 2020 Anchor

I wanted to start another thread because no matter what i do or who i contact i cannot figure this out. Every download on this site it doesnt matter what it is or what mirror i download off of be if from the CA mirrors or the EU mirros. i live on the east coast in the US and cannot for the life of me figure out why i have gig internet and so does my friend, same provider and everything. This friend and several of my other friends can download off this site at an uncapped limit, i however no matter what mod or mirror it is am capped at a hard 650kbs. so a mod that is 4 gigs takes me over 3 hours to install. i can install a 100gb game off steam at over 200mbs in under 30 mins. There is nothing i can think of why i have a cap on my download but my freinds dont. im not the first person i seen with this problem and i cannot figure out what causes this. The time of day i download doesnt matter it doesnt matter the day the month, anything, its always capped at 650kbs. PLEASE HELP, i have asked the support team on the site via emails and they were not very much help no offense. this has been going on for about a year and a half and i just cant stand it anymore. Any help will be much appreciated. THANK YOU.


i have only one theory and that is that i am either capped on this site by the people that run it cause i download alot of stuff from it or vice versa for my ISP and they cap me on just this site but i havent a clue if either of those are true

And one last thing is i have been on this site for a while and used to be able to download off here uncapped pretty much and it all changed about year and a half ago and now im stuck here with a very low cap

I FIXED THE ISSUE. i looked up after have been sus on log me in hamachi and it changed parameters in my pc. I will post the link to the fix that helped me. Solved: Installing Hamachi slows my internet speed - Page 2 - LogMeIn Community

Jul 20 2021 Anchor

Oh my god, Thank you! This issue has been driving me crazy and I gave up on trying to get mods. This was my issue and everything is going fast now.

Thank you!

Jul 21 2021 Anchor

Hey no problem man, glad it could help someone

Jul 23 2021 Anchor

Thank you so much this didn't just fix moddb it fixed the download speed on tons of sites I used to download stuff as well as a couple of game launchers like the FFXIV launcher. Absolutely amazing and without this post I can almost guarantee that I never would have suspected Hamachi or managed to fix this. I can't even begin to thank you enough for this.

Jul 23 2021 Anchor

-So Hamachi was problem for you three, well done then.
Maybe some similar software's lock speed too.

Jul 25 2021 Anchor
Bazlik_Commander wrote:

-So Hamachi was problem for you three, well done then.
Maybe some similar software's lock speed too.

Actually it wasnt hamachi It was a windows setting that hamachi changed when it was installed.

Mar 30 2022 Anchor

I was wondering why Moddb is the onlt page where I have this problem, nor Steam or any other page or app.


Apr 17 2022 Anchor

Can confirm it works, crazy speeds now. Been modding for years putting up with this problem, now I feel dumb. Thank you so much!

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