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Nov 26 2012 Anchor

Hey everyone! I just wanted to toss my Indiegogo project out here for all to see, and if anyone wants to help out as far as coding goes, well that would be amazing, otherwise, feel free to check it out and donate a buck to the cause :) By reading the description, you might not get everything about it, or what it's gonna be capable of.

Multiplayer, Co-op (drop in/out at any time), team creation (up to four players at once and can see their position on the world map), cross platform players interact in one server
Skill advancement. Simple, but sweet and to the point, including: Run, Vision, Health, Climb, Jump and Reload. As you purchase better levels, you get faster, or are able to jump higher, or take more damage, or see better in pitch black areas without a flashlight.
Jump, climb, run, stand, crouch. All positions have a "fire" animation that goes with it. Jump up and aim down to shoot what's under you, or just shoot up if something is above you. Climbing a ladder and bad guys across, above or below you? Simply aim and shoot.
Tons a weapons to choose from.
Inventory options galore.
Loads of "levels" and your choice to go anywhere you wanna go and take care of missions and quests on your own time. Multiply paths options can also allow you to enter levels in different ways.
Plans to release on PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms.

Below is the link to my project page. Donate if you feel this is a game you'd like to see developed :)

I have about 20 days left on my project on and I forgot to mention that whoever feels up to helping me program the demo would be compensated after the project reaches goal. Without a demo, I fear it will simply die and I will have to wait ever longer to see this game to fruition. Please, if anyone is interested, then PM me or reply to this thread and let me know. Any old 2D engine will probably work for the game, but I really need help getting the demo programmed. All the assets for said demo level are done, all I need is a programmer to help make the level and bam! We get funded and then whoever helps gets paid for their work :)
Hope that helps someone to join in help this game become a reality

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