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Aug 10 2017 Anchor

As the topic states, I am looking for someone who would be interested in helping me create the story (or plot in other terms) for a game I am looking at making. The game genre I've decided has, so far, been set as an action roguelite fantasy RPG, in pixel art style. I have classes I've designed, more-or-less, but I still don't have a story or world to put them in.

I'd be looking at someone willing to work with me as a voluntary project with appropriate crediting when the game is made. The game is, for now, under the 'hobby' category in regards to time commitments. When I have the story and some lore, I can start looking at bringing it all to life.

If you're interested, private message me, or email:


EDIT: I found someone for the job for now, thanks everyone for contacting me.

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