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Nov 2 2018 Anchor
  • Alright, so ive played a lot of galactic conquest in starwars battlefront, and I've always been left.. unfulfilled.

    I love the space battles, and the ability to take over planets and create new fleets, but, none of that really has any effect on the actual conquest.

    the planets dont provide facilities that give bonuses or train more troops to take to the next planet, and I can't pre-plan a battle by diverting a specific amount of vehicles and troops to each planet, or upgrading my own planets and garrisoning troops to better defend it.

    What about upgrading heroes, and being able to play a hero that you've worked hard to level up throughout your conquest making them actually worth something in battles, and getting them at the start of each battle.

    Upgrading fleets, being able to have ships that do more damage in space combat, more fighters available on each ship, and other upgrades that can turn the tide of a battle. Making certain fleets and ships more valuable, or making soecific fleets designed to take care of soecific threats and handle soecific tasks for variety in your gameplay, and assign units to carried on each ship to defend them or be deployed on land.

    Upgrading troops, when your army fights a long, grueling conquest they should gain experience towards upgrading weapons and skills, and armor, etc. Making them more deadly, and even possibly gaining a reputation that can break the morale of the enemy, which brings me me to my next point.

    Morale and rep system, when heroes hit the battlefield that have slain countless foes they should be feared and enemies should cover, being pinned down by tanks should make my guys flee command posts to find better positions, and fleeing from battles or losing should spread amongst your other fleets, causing them to mutiny, or having a reputation could increase your chances of people joining your ranks or lower the prices of mercenaries and stuff which brings me to another point once again.

    Independent factions that are just out doing their own thing, raiding planets, and such, and can be hired, destroyed, raided, and interacted with in different ways based on how you're currently doing in game.

    Planets should also have populations to recruit from, so that you have to. Have recruitment centers and actually protect the planets for the people alongside their other bonuses, and of the people get angered from not taking care of pirates or slavers, or taxing them too hard, you have to quell insurrections or risk losing the planet.

    Class system/cutom hero chacracter, this one is kinda of a hit or miss, it's just the main player, build a character and that would be your hero, with a gear selection, that way you have a hero to call your own. This is not to say you can't manually control the the other units as well, and you would still have special characters and heroes you could recruit, but this way, you have a character of your own that you could give gear, and choose basic abilities based on your faction and the class you choose to play, and your level, you would definitely have limitations with this just to keep the immersion, but you could choose to be a Jedi or a sith, or just a normal high ranking officer in the faction of your choosing, choose your specialization, and gear, abilities will be given based off that, but really this idea I figure would steer some away from the mod, so if its even possible it should be optional, again not a necessity, but I would be super excited if this could be implemented or already was in a mod

    Unit training, I kinda already went over this, but having stuff like factories, and training yards, and different doctrines available in research facilities, and getting to choose their gear (depending on the faction) pre battle would be cool.

    Space and land battles together. This would be awesome, I know of one mod that has it, but I would like to see this same system but if you lose the space battle the enemy can direct their remaining forces to land and bombard you from orbit and send gunships and fighter down to punish your loss, or if they capture the planet in orbit, they could use any planetary defense systems and send any resources diverted to ground operations to fight you in space, and you could do the same!

    Needing resources and money for things, this was pretty obvious, you'd need things like food and credits to keep your troops happy and paid, credits again to pay for building resources and more food, building resources to produce buildings that produces more units and building materials and food for your war efforts.

    You could play as independent factions but it the conquest would be more directed towards small skirmishes on on different locations on a specific planet and ship raiding and stuff.

    Choosing from any of the eras, the old republic era, the galactic civil war, the clone wars, the yuuzhan vong war (but this I'm not really all that worried about)

    Also a command system that gives you real control over other units, on a larger scale, while still playing in first/third person. The command system was honestly super weak.

    Also command posts should actually have things that turn the battle around, which would depend on what's currently going on in-game. For example: command post 2 has an anti-aircraft gun you need to destroy or capture before your side can drop anymore support in, and until you do, any troops you haven't brought to battle will stay in orbit, and supplies will be cut off, so no extra ammo, no more vehicles until you capture it, onelce captured it will cut off enmy supply lines, but it would be easier to just destroy it and hold the command post until reinforcements are granted. Or command post 3 has an anti-ship battery that if captured will help support the efforts in space if the command post is defended. And the more command posts captured at the end of a battle, the more credits and replies you'll receive, and reputation.

    Planets could also have a couple major regions that need to be captured in order to fully receive rewards from them (this I'm not too worried baout but it would be cool)

    I think you pretty much get the point, a more immersive, and rewarding galactic conquest, would even be happy if the camapaign and other modes were removed to make room for such a grandeur mod.

    I'm sure there's not such a mod out there, but if you could point me in the direction of a mod that has even a 2 or 3 of these features, I would highly appreciate it.

    Also any modders reading that like this idea and want to work on it, and need me to elaborate more, I would love to give my ideas, and keep in touch

    EDIT: I also think requesting support in battle would be essential, requesting ordinance (with the chance for it to get denied based on your rep, current conquest results, and which way the battle is leaning, and wether the the current fleet your fighting alongside has the ability to do send ordinance e.g. supply limitations, enemy interference, or if your ships in orbit are lost) by ordinace, I mean, support in general, so vehicle drops, fire support, reinforcements (via drop pod or drop ship) supplies (building supplies, medical, ammunition)

    Engineers should be able to build small fortifications, dig entrenchments, place traps, and put together turrets and artillery, with supply limitations of course, alongside their usual repairs and such, adding new tactical options, and they should be expensive so that you don't have 10 engineers running around using up your supplies and placing things everywhere because of bad planning.

    Maps could do with being a bit larger, I think this would be pretty easy, overhauling the maps for larger more complex battles. (If not that's okay, but it would be cool, because sniper gameplay could be fleshed out further too)

    Suppression would be cool, this would play a part in morale, but with a more individual role, or a squad role, it would certainly make those super inaccurate miniguns that the clone commanders carry useful lol

    Objectives for battle outside of the command posts and the benefits that come with them, such as a siege objective, or HVTs, or destroying a certain amount of enemies, or securing Intel, killing an enemy hero unit, infiltrate, steal supplies, etc. and these would grant their own rewards that would turn the battle around, by gaining rep, credits and increasing overall morale. maybe even random endgame objectives later on in the battle for the winning side after completing all other side objectives.

(Ill come back later and edit this some more)

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