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rocknroll237 \m/ rock'n'roll baby! \m/
May 6 2012 Anchor

Star Wars Battlefront 2: A New Hope

I would like to know if anyone is interested in helping me develop a truly awesome mod...

I want to combine the power of CryEngine 3 with the truly mind blowing gameplay of one of
my favourite games of all time... Star Wars Battlefront 2!

I have limited skills, but I am willing to lead a team of around 10 people to victory!
I will need folks who are highly skilled in map and model making and I will need a couple of people to work on complex things
like gameplay mechanics, AI and possibly audio (if we can't use the original sounds/tracks).

I want this mod to stay true to the original game, so things like seamless space battles, 1st/3rd
person view changes and convincing Jedi masters/Sith lords are a must.

I hope that other people in the community will contribute other ideas and possibly help out
with the creation of things like HD textures. I've already got some design
ideas in my head and I believe that, to start with (as a closed beta), we
should focus on recreating two factions to do battle on three epic maps that
will be decided by you guys on the forums (two will be land maps and one will
be a space map).

After approximately 18-24 months of hard work, blood, sweat and tears (of joy), we
should aim to release a full mod with:

· All the factions (CIS, Republic, Rebels and Empire), with at least 1 Jedi master/Sith
lord on each side;

· At least 10 maps (7 land maps and 3 space maps);

· At least 5 different game modes (Conqest, Assault and XL are a must);

· The majority of the weapons and vehicles used in the original;

· A fun and well-balanced multi-player feature;

· Custom tracks and sounds (if the original audio cannot be used);

· Convincing AI.

Just so you guys know, I have no intention to make this a paid game, but if it becomes
something truly special, I most definitely don't want people to pay a premium
for it, and considering my lack of skills, the goods will be cut equally.

Thank you, and may the force be with you...

PS Please see below for some inspiration.

SWBF2 Wiki page:

All units used in the game:

Mods and custom maps (Not my YouTube channel):

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Oct 27 2012 Anchor

I have skinning experience and a wide variety of photoshop experience. I might be able to help with some of this. I am also an avid beta tester for mods and my group youtube channel can certainly help with Pure HD gameplay (No lag, widescreen and dare I say some of the best SWBF2 quality video on youtube.)
My talents also rest I making intro's and custom stuff using sony vegas, usually I use no templates because most of the stuff I create myself. I am willing to help with what I can and it would be very interesting to see where this goes.

Also I know around 4 voice actors with clear voices that would love to lend their voice talents for some troopers. A fair warning is that I have never worked on this engine, only the zero engine the one that battlefront 2 uses, so it may be that I may only provide promotional and concept stuff.

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rocknroll237 \m/ rock'n'roll baby! \m/
Oct 27 2012 Anchor

Awesome! I've seen your Star Wars Battlefront 2013 gameplay footage. It looks nice.

Yeah, I was just saying to myself, we need someone with good video editing and photoshop skills, so it's funny that you posted here!

I'll tell some of the other core members in the team about you.

Oct 27 2012 Anchor

Thank you, this would be most appreciated. Also Creator of Things was the one who posted that video, he happens to be apart of our youtube channel. I have some stuff up if you would like to check that out here.

May 8 2013 Anchor

Did anything come of this, sorry for the bump.

rocknroll237 \m/ rock'n'roll baby! \m/
May 8 2013 Anchor

Haha, yes!

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