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May 17 2020 Anchor

Greetings my fellow Slavs, I do hope this thread is allowed and doesn't break any rules. If so please do tell me. I'm asking if any Modders on the site could do me a small favor and add a certain weapon to the game? I'm sadly strapped for cash and cannot pay any fees you may request. My apologies if so. What weapon am I asking for? The Taurus Millennium G2 handgun. I own this pistol in real life you see and would like to see if anyone could add it into Shadow of Chernobyl so I can mess around with it in the game. Odd and pity request I know.

If there are any Mods that already have this handgun please do tell me. If anyone does want to take this one I'd love to speak with you in case you need more details. I'm not asking for a anything gran, like a fully custom model with sound and animation. Even a reskin for the 9MM would be enough for me.

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