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Apr 15 2019 Anchor

Hi guy's

I am not new to the modding community since i work on a lot of various mods in the past 10 years but i am making my first step in modding the Stalker game, i have follow a few guides showing the basic for modding Stalker but currently i have an issue with ltx modifications that don't want to overwrite the original even if put it in the correct location.

The file is the : N:\Program Files (x86)\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha DC\gamedata\configs\creatures\monsters\m_zombie.ltx

I am trying to make a mod where zombies are not bullet sponges anymore and that a head shot will put them down without them getting up again and again, so i first change the:

health_hit_part = 1.0

FakeDeathCount = 0.0
StartFakeDeathHealthThreshold = 0.0

Reloading the game and the zombie are still getting up just like i never change a single setting, i even delete the FakeDeathCount andStartFakeDeathHealthThreshold and still they get up after i kill them.

So maybe it is because Stalker lost alpha have some special ways of overwriting the original ltx that i am not aware or do i need to start a completely new game?

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