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Drown_ Fear will reign above it all
Sep 21 2012 Anchor

First Person Shooter with basic RTS base building elements
Platforms: PC
Multiplayer only
Number of teams: 2 (A/B)
Players: Maximum of 16 (8 versus 8 )

Game Mode: Subdue


The concept of subdue is basically a mix of Tower Defense and a Team Death Match with limited tickets. The player can choose between the attacking (subduing) and the defending (repelling) fraction.
The map is basically an open space combat area, but the setting is as good as always urban or in a small village where the defending team has 2 minutes time to choose a building as a main base and a tactical spot in the map where they can spawn/hide (There will be a voting system).
They can dynamically choose between the buildings in the map which can be, at some point, customized with features like Sniping spots, traps, fences or extra floors or a bunker. Every player of the defending team can choose a class which automatically defines his equipment and the base customizations he can afford from his starting budget. So the Sniper spot can only be afforded by the Sniper class etc. Once they have set up their base they can choose a spawn point in a 3D overview which is either in their main base or in the tactical spot.
In the base itself is a flag/bombing spot ("story" is map dependent, the fractions differ from map setting to map setting as well) , which is the major target of the attacking team. The attacking team is dropped out at one of several possible "landing zones", the amount of them is dependent from map size and map structure , which one they spawn from is not visible for the defenders. In the time where the defending team chooses the base and the tactical spot they choose their attacking equipment. Other than the defending team they do not have predefined classes, they can browse through a wide range of different weapons, tools and special abilities. Coming from the landing zone they have to find their way to the main base which is not marked in any way for them. In each map they can conquer so called "Hotspots" which are special points on the map, giving them bonuses like XP multipliers or extra cash.


The maps are open world, which way the attackers choose is left open - stealth or offensive, either way is possible. There will be special tactical tools for the attackers giving them the opportunity to observe the village to gain information about where the base might be. The defending team does not necessarily need to stay in their base, they can go in open combat as well but to balance it they have tickets and when you die as a defender it takes a certain time to respawn, possibly leaving your team in a minority. The equipment of the attackers is also slightly more powerful, giving them the ability to have a slight better chance in 1 on 1 combats, forcing the defending team to use their tactical advantage. The defenders can distract the attackers by placing dummies in other houses which do not contain the mission aim.

Tactical Period : Adjustable between 2 minutes (Hardcore) and 3 minutes (normal)
The amount of time each team has to equip, prepare and organize before the actual match starts , can be changed in the game settings.

Time to respawn : 15-50 seconds
A Defender has to wait 15-50 seconds if he dies, respawn at tactical spot or the main base, the attacker will spawn immediately, but at the landing zone , can be changed in the game settings.

Tickets : 100 - 300
Defenders and Attackers have 100-300 tickets which will be decreased by kills. Each death at the base or the tactical spot means -1 ticket, deaths outside that area cost 2 tickets. If the tickets are at 0 , the team loses. Immediate victory is caused by the infiltration of the main base (if the mission aim is achieved) , can be changed in the game settings.

Default : enough to buy at least 1 upgrade/weapon , can be changed in the game settings.


The maps will offer a great variety of scenarios, one I started drafting a village located on an island in the sea, featuring a small town/village, a lighthouse. The majority will feature realistic town scenes, but of course there will be exotic themes as well. It is to decide if the player can choose the daytime or if it is a fix part of the map.
As stated above, the defenders will choose one of the maps buildings as a headquarter and a tactical spot . Those two will provide the spawnpoints for the defenders team
Therefore a big part of the mapping will be the interior design and the ability to dynamically upgrade the buildings, so each building has different spots to add stuff such as explosive traps, sniping spots, secret doors, unlockable rooms, radars, mounted weapons etc.

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