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Dec 25 2012 Anchor

Movies you might want to watch to catch some gameplay: - How to use 3rd person view - hostage escort. Terrorists have to kill hostages in a very open map. SEALs escort hostages themselves. Usually they end up killing terrorists instead. Hiding the hostages. - jump scoping, seems similar to CS:S and CS:GO's AWP. Still sniping is a lot harder in SOCOM.

Watch how they use the 3rd person view in the game. It's really unique. You can say this makes it unrealistic. Yes partially. But it adds a whole other level of gameplay style which still feels realistic.

Ironsights are not available except scoped weapons, these are the only guns that can be zoomed in.

Note that players can play with 1st person view at any time if they like. This is faster on PS2 to zoom in with a sniper.

In SOCOM 3 a whole other level of customization was added: tweak the gun however you like:
- Iron grip
- Silencers (there are multiple types of silencers, each having his advantage)
- Many scopes to choose from.
- Maybe you want to add a m203 ? Done!

If you haven't played this you certainly have to do it at least once.

Then there is the integrated clan match making and clan ladder. Also this game focuses on being social. I mean everyone knows pretty much everyone in the days I played it on the PS2.

- We don't focus on effects, we will rather focus on the game play and integrating the complete SOCOM game style.
- We can make it commercial. Which is a great idea. Since Zipper was abandoned half a year ago.

I know the newer SOCOM has the semi-destructible environments. Well we don't need it really. The most important thing is having DEMOLITION, DEATHMATCH, ESCORT and the 3rd person view. When we have that we can move on to customizable guns.

Will we attract many people ? It's hard to tell. But I am confident all fans will try to help.

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JacobRollin Rollin Bros. Founder
Dec 26 2012 Anchor

I'd love the play something like SOCOM on PC. If you can't get a strong enough fan base of the SOCOM series, I suggest going to an original idea while keeping SOCOM in mind while making the game. Have a similar style and feel as the SOCOM series.

Dec 26 2012 Anchor

I am going to wait out how many people are interested here. I am sure we will eventually make it. If we use Unreal Engine or Cry Engine we can go cross platform (PS3)

JacobRollin Rollin Bros. Founder
Dec 31 2012 Anchor

If you do get this project up and running I'd be interested in helping in the PR/Web portion of the team. If you need an extra guy for that line of work, feel free to message me on here and I'll get back to you. Good luck getting it going.

Jan 10 2013 Anchor

Original Rainbow Six is just enough.


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