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Sep 21 2012 Anchor

Hello. I'm part of a small team currently working on a beat-em-up game called Machofistia, and we're looking for some additional artists to assist us with progressing the game.
The gameplay is going to be in a similar vein to games such as Double Dragon and River City Ransom in design. The story follows James Rager, a recent high school graduate who has to save his hometown from a businessman named Keith White who has taken over while he's been away from home training. The game takes place primarily in an incredibly large skyscraper split into various different floors, each following a different theme with different enemies.
Here's some current concept/sprite art for the project so far:
James Rager Sprites by Oolong
Thug Sprite by Oolong
James and Oliver Color Pass by Sparky
James Rager by Geers
Head Chef by Sparky
Skyscraper Concept by Nymine
We're looking for two sprite artists for the project. We need one person who can do level art, such as tilesets and backgrounds. We need another to work with our current sprite artist to finish more character/enemy sprites.
The team is currently made up of four concept artists, one sprite artist, a coder, myself(project manager and lead storywriter), and a musical artist to provide the game with a soundtrack later on. For most of us this is our first game project, so please don't sign on expecting a professional team with veteran experience. We are serious about completing the game, however, and that is why we are looking for additional help.
The payment for the project is NOT upfront. This project is based on profit split, where the profit received from the game's release will be split amongst all participating members of the group. We have no budget for the game.
If you are interested, please either reply here with some examples of your work or e-mail with the same. Also, a Skype account is important as we keep up with each other primarily through Skype.
Thanks for your time!

Sep 29 2012 Anchor

Hi! i'd love to do some work with you and your associates making characters for your game :)
my deviantART accounts:
Please check them both out and bear in mind i havent posted on it for a while, so my skills are more accurately represented in the rezdrawings account, and i am fairly profficient in cartoon styles of illustration

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Sep 29 2012 Anchor

We're not really looking for concept artists right now. We're full on that note; we really just need sprite art for the game. Sorry.

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