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Sep 4 2018 Anchor

So over this past weekend i developed a game for the GMTK game jam, it's an RTS game you can play it here on itch

Right now it's only for windows, and the feature set is limited. but the core game play idea is there. I just have to add a few more unit types, polish up the AI and then add a multiplayer mode. Does this idea have potential?

screenshot of the game!

Oct 11 2018 Anchor

anything original and unique has potential... the gaming market is flooded with ripoffs and clones that anything at this point which brings a breath of fresh air might be worth trying...

Oct 19 2018 Anchor

I think it's worth a shot.

Create it first and I believe the gamers will be able to give some awesome feedback to improve on the gameplay.

Please do give me your feedback on which game idea you like on my thread as well. I'm trying to create a simple text based decision making game:

Thanks in advance!

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