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Feb 8 2018 Anchor

Hey folks, the title is pretty blunt but it is what it is. With the rise in popularity of how Monster Hunter approaches the grind and loot, now would be an ideal time to create a shooter variant.

I myself am able to do sound design, map design, minor texture work and some minor model creation and animation. I lack in the ability to form a line of code though, and so there i need help. Also, i'm in search of 3d artists.

The game design is simple and repetative - scour an area for items and hunt giant monsters while using the environment to your advantage. The aim is not AAA graphics, but plenty of variation in content and environments while maintain fluid and smooth gameplay and character interaction.

The game will not feature servers at the beginning, so a LAN based server will need to be implemented until (hopefully) popularity on steam picks up (the posting cost i will cover)

This post is pretty barebones, but it's pretty direct. If this sounds like your shtick, please email me at

(if you're a 3d artist you must have a LEGAL 3d program of your choice)

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