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Sep 28 2012 Anchor

Hi again, finally... We are still not ready to submit our game in here because gameplay trailer not finished, yet. Not good enoght for us at least. But now we are on Kickstarter now and you can see some!

Thank's for encouraging us, any suggestions about the campaign or the game are welcome. Gameplay trailer should be ready in a week or two now.


Sep 30 2012 Anchor

Well, I would have done it the other way round. Submit it here very early to get followers, attention and let people see that your actually working hard on it by letting them see the development from start to trailer. But that's your choice.
Anyway, I am very(!) interested in this. If I had a credit card, I'd already be funding. As i have none, I'll buy this once I have the chance.


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Oct 1 2012 Anchor


;) You're probably right, but you you cannot blame them trying to do their best to ensure their success. They cannot be everywhere on all websites (like me!). They are doing a great job without a lot of disposable financial resources and they need help that's all. I'm not sure their game will work but i trust on them. Personally, i prefere giving them 25 Bucks instead of giving to a charitable organization (usually 75% spent on operating costs on most of them !!).
Anyway, i know them a little bit and you should have a look on their kickstarter campaign. Of course it's NOT a AAA game but instead of playing few days one of them, let's try their game and contribute to this small company's success ! ...Waitting for more gameplay patofnickof !!

Sorry for my bad english ! i'm french !! Oups !

Oct 1 2012 Anchor

You are more than right Sniper! Instead of waiting to our game to be accepted here like right now. We are developer not really good in comm, hope it will not affect our game too much. Thanks for your support, by the you can still buy the game on our website via paypal, you will have all advantage of the pre-order.

We are looking forward to enhanced the promotion of the campaingn, with a new gameplay video this week. So keep looking!

Oct 2 2012 Anchor

I'll buy it. One way or another. :D


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Oct 4 2012 Anchor

Game directly summited in here and awaiting for approuval!

Game approved, im rushing to submit a new gameplay video for the end of the day!

Thx indiDB

Oct 8 2012 Anchor

just pledged ! still need to see more gameplay patof :lol: !!!

Oct 11 2012 Anchor

Here a new video on the gameplay and concept and full HD on our Youtube Channel.

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