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Apr 9 2013 Anchor

The pitch for the mod is here:
Matrix Mod (Counter-Strike Like)

The project roadmap is available HERE. If you would like to contribute to the present build of the project, please contact me here or via email at

We are presently on Exploratory Build 1.

Testers are not yet needed for this build.

I'm teaching myself Source, but it's poorly documented and half their code is shit, so it's slow going. Another coder would be a great boon. For the best gameplay, levels should be fairly large, so it would also be fantastic to have a mapper with some experience in making things run optimally.

This mod is in its beginning stages, so there is no need for any sort of 3D artist/animator at this time. If you're interested in helping, certainly drop your contact info, but art comes after gameplay.

Feedback is valued and welcome.

To those concerned about copyright issues:

The last "Matrix" branded video game was released around 8 years ago, and the last film was released 10 years prior. By avoiding the re-use of specific characters, logos, etc. we minimize risk of cease and desist notice. If we do receive cease-and-desist notice, there are three options:

1) Appeal to Warner Bros, requesting they detail the specific content they feel violates their intellectual property, and remove said content if it does not damage the appeal of the mod.

2) Adapt the premise of the mod to a suitable alternative universe. A game that draws inspiration from both Neuromancer and The Matrix would be very difficult for intellectual property holders to target.

3) Purchase a license to the Source engine, and talk to Warner Bros about licensing the Matrix IP for a commercial product. (Preferably free with the MOTD screen replaced by a WB ad, but a $5-10 game would still be easy to place into people's hands, while at the same time recompensing Warner Bros and the team behind this mod.)

Obviously, those decisions would be up to a vote by the team at such a juncture. It's always possible to remove the Matrix elements from the game, then speak to Warner Bros about adapting the mod back into the Matrix IP once it's a more promising, full-fledged product. I value my time, and I value yours; I don't want to waste it on a project that never sees the light of day.

This mod is going to happen, even if I have to write every model every asset, paint every map, and write every last line of code myself. You should help create this mod because you want to play the final product, and want to share it with the world. Ideal teammates are self-taught, experienced, and have strong communication skills.

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