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Jan 7 2014 Anchor

I am wondering when or if one should put his commercial under development mobile game on SlideDB?

I am currently developing a new mobile game and I have enough material to start a SlideDB page for it.
However, having a few games on SlideDB/IndieDB I am seriously wondering if I should at this stage?

There isn't a lot of marketing benefit for this, I think it's mostly for my own fun.
There arn't that many users on SlideDB in general and I also don't see how I would benefit from followers when the game is not out yet(nothing to buy).
The users on SlideDB are just a tiny fraction from the users on Google Play or the Apple App Store so I don't see how much it will drive sales on those platforms. It might be useful for the first few weeks to get traction, not sure.

I really do get satisfaction from getting comments and feedback on my game, even just watching followers/ranks and etc(I have to admit).
So it's fun to release new screenshots and videos about your game knowing people are watching.
On the other hand, it's another door for procrastinating and I wonder if I am not better without it. Many times I develop something, release a screenshot and then find myself sitting for a couple of hours waiting for feedback without making more progress on the game(kind of obsessive I admit).

So what do you think? What are the benefits of putting your game on SlideDB and what are the disadvantages? When should someone put his game on SlideDB if at all?

Jan 9 2014 Anchor

I would generally recommend it. If it is a truthfully serious game, and you want to get more publicity and find people who are interested in it and maybe even some team members, it can only be good.

Jan 9 2014 Anchor

I don't think you get publicity by putting your game over here.
I now realize what I am saying is basically countering the whole point of this website... but...
I guess it's nice as a devblog and getting more serious and detailed feedback from gamers.
But I don't think putting your game here before it's released or even after means much for your commercial success.
Is there any example of a game that had commercial success thanks to this website and not a game that was already successful or was successful thanks to other things and just naturally happened to become a top game over here?

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