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Jun 27 2016 Anchor

Hello, my name is JordanGoMakBro, and i'm kinda new to IndieDB. This may be my first forum post, but let me explain what this post is about. You can promote your games here for other people to play and have fun! Make sure to put in your post the game's (or games') title, and a link and short description for each of them! For an example, here's mine! :)

Chomper's Adventure:

Chomper and his friends need your help! Guide them through their Adventures and save the day from different Boss Battles. A simple platformer game with lots of charm, comedy, and fun! It's a Chompin' good time! Play it today!

Chomper's Adventure

Chomper's Adventure 2:

Join Chomper Chomp and the rest of his friends on an amazing adventure! A spiritual sequel to the original chomper's Adventure, but only with a new storyline, new gameplay, and new features! Here's a list of all the new stuff added to the game!
New Storyline!

  • Dialogue!
  • Save Points!
  • New Hub Worlds!
  • New Characters!
  • New Levels!

Chomper's Adventure 2

Blue Miner:

Join Blue Miner on an adventure to save his world from the evil Captain Bonez and his army! Don't forget to grab your Power Pick so that you can smash those skellies! Play the game today, it'll mine your world!

Blue Miner

Dec 9 2016 Anchor

Game Link:
Shadow Rogue is an Action/RPG with Skill Trees and Classes. My Inspiration was games like Ragnarok and Castlevania.
Free to Play! (no microtransactions)
Off-Line, 28MB and single player for Android Devices.
Minimum Android Version: 2.3.1 "Gingerbread"
Available languages English/Portuguese.Shadow Rogue

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Dec 9 2016 Anchor

Cool. I just started today and I have to say that I really like indiedb already!

Jan 1 2017 Anchor


Our indie game Rarura is out on Steam Greenlight!

Pls support our well-designed adventure puzzle game!

IMG 1698

Feb 25 2017 Anchor

Hello, friends)

We are making an action/adventure game with RPG elements like gothic @Oblivion style)

"Monk & Warrior". Please promote our game on Steam Greenlight) Thank you)


Feb 26 2017 Anchor


SHOW ME! is a new approach to social interactions, it allows you to post content and keep them hidden until they did not receive sufficient requests to be shown.

post a hidden picture that nobody can see, a cover with a title and a description so you can tease the curiosity of those who want to know the hidden content and finally a minimum target of show requests. All the curious who want to see what's under the cover should send a show request to the owner of the content and state its intention to others. once the content reach the minimum target of show requests the hidden photo will become visible to the public.


alpha version:




Mar 2 2017 Anchor

hey fellow gamers, I'm making a game right now called Chronosaur. its a 2D sidescrolling adventure game,

where you play as a time-traveling dinosaur. Explore a huge world over several different timelines, and

then destroy it with fully destructive environments. See the early gameplay video below:

Please like our facebook page for more updates on Chronosaur:


Mar 2 2017 Anchor

Was this post really dug up after months of inactivity? Interesting. I guess I'll join the fun.

My new game, Magical Star Pillars, is now going on Greenlight. It's a puzzle platformer with cute graphics. It's being made by myself but I tried my hardest to make a great game. There is currently a demo available so come check it out:

Magical Star Pillars

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Mar 16 2017 Anchor

I released a game last year around this time actually and now have released my next game 'Blast Masters' its a retro arcade like game set in space where you - an enterprising young fellow named Monty sets out to make money with his AI friend 'Terrence'

The game is top down with a bullet hell vibe, with also a good deal of irreverent humor to make light of the colorful explosive cacophony you make before you.

A full press kit synopsis be found here for those interested:

The game link is here!

I've burrowed away at this project for some time and am hoping for some kind of feedback as I am wondering what I have learnt from this process (apart from learning is fun, takes time, and takes over your life) in face that now with this being finished I am onto another project which is in the prototyping stage but is no nearly finished yet but is alot of fun. I'm rambling now. But I hope you guys will give the game a chance!

trailer 1:[MEDIA=youtube]Hx2ZPdUmiB8[/MEDIA]
trailer 2:[MEDIA=youtube]Mc9aqFsk-zM[/MEDIA]
I've burrowed away at this project for some time and am hoping for some kind of feedback as I am wondering what I have learnt from this process (apart from learning is fun, takes time, and takes over your life) in face that now with this being finished I am onto another project which is in the prototyping stage but is no nearly finished yet but is alot of fun. I'm rambling now. But I hope you guys will give the game a chance!
trailer 1:[MEDIA=youtube]Hx2ZPdUmiB8[/MEDIA]
trailer 2:[MEDIA=youtube]Mc9aqFsk-zM[/MEDIA]
I've burrowed away at this project for some time and am hoping for some kind of feedback as I am wondering what I have learnt from this process (apart from learning is fun, takes time, and takes over your life) in face that now with this being finished I am onto another project which is in the prototyping stage but is no nearly finished yet but is alot of fun. I'm rambling now. But I hope you guys will give the game a chance!
Mar 16 2017 Anchor

We're glad to share with you the teaser trailer of our first game that we wish to release on PC, Mac and Linux. We're currently on Greenlight, go have a look and upvote if you like.

Takrog is a tactical RPG with a smart procedural generation of the world, quests and characters.Every game is different from the other.

It's not completely arbitrary. The procedural aspect follows lot of connected rules that make a coherent universe.

There is lot of code about this but for instance desert areas can't pop in the middle of a forest and are often far bigger than mountain areas.

About quests it's the same, it's neither a chain of random events nor basic side quests.
For instance you can meet someone that wants you to escort him to next town, and discover later that he's secret ally of some enemy you meet earlier, but all of this is not predetermined either, it depends on the past events and the player choices. It's like a "smart random".
The goal is to experiment a new epic story every time and force the player to adapt to the environment.

Every battlefield is randomly generated with a carefully crafted algorithm, that will challenge your strategic thinking skills.

Units evolve according to the way you play.For example, when a character is hit several times, its HP max will increase.If someone walks a lot, it will be able walk even more.

If the game interests you, please support us on Greenlight.
The game is still at an early development stage, stay tuned for updates on twitter.
Questions and feedback are welcome :)

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Mar 17 2017 Anchor

The Company: A Brutal RTS Startup Simulation Game

The Company takes you on a brutal trip through the business world, simulating every aspect of a company's rise to world domination. Using more than 50 variables, the game's engine can calculate precise growth figures and takes into account a huge amount of factors, from political tensions in neighboring countries to your employee's happiness with their salaries.

We're currently setting up an indiegogo campaign. We would love to hear what you think about our campaign before it starts and any suggestions (ie: more images, other types of perks, whatever comes to your mind, really).

The link to the campaign PREVIEW is:

Let us know if you'd be interested in this game in the future!

Thank you!

Mar 23 2017 Anchor

Brigand: Oaxaca

A challenging RPG/FPS hybrid set in post-apocalyptic Mexico

Free Demo:

Gameplay Footage:


Mar 27 2017 Anchor

Hi all! :)

So we've made our first ever game. And it's a tower defense game with fishing. :)

It's called "FISHING MANIACS" and is currently on Steam Greenlight, so if you like our game and want to support us, please follow the link.

Fishing Maniacs 1

In fishing Maniacs you get to control and move around six crazy characters, and upgrade their over-the-top fishing tools.

We have a few interesting innovations, twists and hooks for you so check us out. ;)


You can play maps that vary in size from small, to medium, to large...

2 huge!


And through ten animated cut scenes you can follow the crazy story concerning these six weirdos and their friends. ;)


Join us in exploring the crazy world of Fishing Maniacs and feel free to let us know what you think!

Thank you!

Mar 30 2017 Anchor

Exit: A Biodelic Adventure

It's a classic sci-fi point'n'click set in a surreal biotech world where computers can be fed and cured, spores of mutant insects revive memory, gene-locks are opened with DNA-passwords, household objects are born in animal bio-factories, gene-modified molds generate a virtual reality, and the artificial neural net epidemic is ravaging the human race and turning people into slaves of the mysterious Worm. Having entered this brave new world, can you find the exit?

If you like the game, could you please upvote on Greenlight?

Now I'm looking for a new protagonist to replace the old one's picture, here are some sketches on existing background of the first level. Which one do you like the most?

Greenlight has been shed on the lair of the mutants! Thank you very much for your help and support! Stay tuned for the newest DNA samples and the grooviest gene mixes!

Steam Greenlight:

Apr 20 2017 Anchor

OK cool! Hi all and good luck with your projects :)

Mine is a shmup/RPG hybrid called Cosmonator. Currently on Greenlight but also just looking for any feedback from players so please check out our beta demo! It's a massive game with tons of depth - the gameplay is classic tight shmup action, but you can build up your character with many upgrades, abilities, weapons and spells to create a unique playing environment within which to wreak havoc on the alien nemesis. Here are some showcase GIFS.

Here's a link to our Greenlight Page!

And a link to a gameplay video.

Cheers guys!

Apr 28 2017 Anchor

Our game Deadliners is on Greenlight!

Experience fast-paced tactical local-multiplayer gameplay that encourages you and your group of friends to meet and figure out who is the best deadliner. The game appears simple on the outside, but soon you will come to realize the multiple layers of tactics and skills needed to win, which clearly shows the human element in each of Deadliner's challenging game modes.

The game offers 5 different game modes including local-multiplayer, co-op and single-player:

- Free For All (2-4 players)
- Capture The Flag (4 players only)
- Line Hunter (2-4 players)
- Survival (1-4 players)
- Skill Training (single-player)

The rules are simple. Each player controls a line on the playfield, and has a certain number of shots and clears available for use in combat. Depending on the game mode players need to survive, gather the objective or help each other to beat the infamous highscore.

We also have a trailer we're really proud of:

Cover Image


May 15 2017 Anchor

Hi everyone!

A lot of your games look really cool! This is what I am working on. Got some screen shots and pics up on slideDB. Thanks everyone!


Knight Guy

May 17 2017 Anchor

Hi everyone!

After several years of hard work we just submitted "Eselmir and the five magical gifts" to Steam Greenlight!

The game, a 2D point and click adventure, will tell the story of Eselmir and his journey to find the five magical lost gifts of King Theoson, leading the player to explore an imaginary world studied in every detail. An atypical fantasy made up of stories within the story, one enclosed in the other. An entire continent with countless and flourishing civilizations including magical items and enchanted places in an original blend of fairy tales, inspired by ancient mythology and medieval folklore.

If you like old school point and click adventure games please vote it, spread word and help us get the game on Steam! :)

We hope that you will appreciate our efforts. Let me know if you have any question or feedback ;)

Vote for "Eselmir and the five magical gifts" on Steam Greenlight


Eselmir and the five magical gifts

Jul 18 2017 Anchor

My game Merri Puzzle recently was green lit and posted to Steam. I am going to be doing a 20 give away soon here on Indie DB to promote it. If you like puzzles, and physics based games, then this is for you. Merri Puzzle is super simple in how it looks and plays, but if you ever liked those get the ball through the maze games as a kid, this is for you.

Jul 21 2017 Anchor

Hi! We work on survival games for android and ios. But now we have released something new. It is our new game Fidget Spinner Hunter GO :)

The game link is here!


We are also working on a new cross promotion service to promote our games. The website :)


We make it for other game developers too. There are A/B testing tools and statistics. We are testing it now. But pretty soon it will be open for others. Our website will also be translated into English.

The website is here!

Jul 26 2017 Anchor

Hello everyone! We are a small VR studio and we want to get some opinions about our new game which name is Gravity Tunnel VR. :) If you are interested please please :) visit our webside

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Jul 26 2017 Anchor

My game Merri Puzzle was Green Lit and is now on Steam. A lot of you made that happen, and thank you for everything!

Jul 31 2017 Anchor

Hey guys, check out my newest game on Google Play, Fart Man! an endless Farting game, where you see how far you can fart! Get the highest score and post it to the leaderboards! Use your Fart Attack to take out birds and planes! Unlock new game content in the gift shop with coins you collect!

Screenshot 2017 07 11 18 40 40

Screenshot 2017 07 11 18 45 48

Screenshot 2017 07 11 18 45 38

Fart Man

Aug 6 2017 Anchor

Hey there,

My bro, Max (Zeno), and I have published our first game together, STAIRS Run. We've tried to keep you updated as much as possible and it finally came to life.

You can get the game here:

There's a lot of surprises in the game and we hope you'll have a lot of fun while playing.

You can follow us on social here:

Big thanks goes to Max for all the support and hard work, big thanks goes to you, beloved players and game addicts. Let us know your thoughts in the comments :)


Aug 16 2017 Anchor

Hello! Please check out new fantasy tower defence project Cows VS Vikings.

Scheduled to be released in Autumn 2017.

Vic 1

Vic 2

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