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May 15 2018 Anchor

Hey all,

Im a programmer looking for a new project to work on in my spare time, Ideally this should be a passion project and something you are doing for the fun and hence the phrasing passion for it. In terms of my experience I've been programming for around 6-7 Years or so although only 2 years of which has been in game development. I am most familiar with the Unity engine (as with most people) and would be using C# if we were to go ahead with that.

In terms of what I'm looking from you is to either have a game idea already and be able to pitch it to me and so on, or just give me a brief Idea of your skills and we can discuss possible game ideas together.

I would be interested in creating a rouge-like or ARPG so if you don't have an idea but are interested in creating a project that could be a good place to start.

Feel free to message me on discord Wicked#3867

Many thanks

- Wicked

May 17 2018 Anchor

Tried your discord...doesn't seem to work ..

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