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Jul 6 2014 Anchor

GunBlocks is a round-based platform adventure set on a mysterious blocky planet. Thanks to your incompetent team, a gluttony captain and his little stinky pet, your ship crashed and now you have to find a way to repair it. The task is not easy since an ancient force is guarding the planet. To win, you have to wisely manipulate your surrounding by placing or destroying blocks. But don't worry! You're a freaking gun and you can shoot! And even better, an over-friendly Super-Computer with a short-circuit in his emotional chip, will help you on your journey. It will be available on PC, Mac, and iOS/Android Tablets.

--> DEMO @

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Jul 7 2014 Anchor

Wow, just wow. This game is pretty amazing. I have just played the entire demo and here is my feedback:

1- The gameplay mechanic is really innovative, I loved it. I rarely tend to like the turn based combat or games, but this one was brilliant enough that it hooked me. I'd say the only thing (but this is personal preference) perhaps speed things up a bit with the movement of the... umm... oinky-dude? It gets boring watching him jump once a second.

2- The tutorial level was very informative and covered everything... I didn't feel like I missed anything and the "prologue" continued to re-enforce the information.

3- The music was good and the sound effects were spot on.

4- The graphics are just amazing. They are well done and cute. Very well done.

5- The only thing I found as "bug" was "Computer, explain Rookie the controls". I believe you intended "Computer, explain to Rookie the controls."

All in all, very well done and great idea. I would like to really see the full product. Good luck and great work! ^_^

Jul 9 2014 Anchor

Thank you very much for your feedback. We're very happy that you like it. We heard from different sources that we should speed up few things. Did you find it was too much text in the tutorial? Would you suggest to skip something?

Jul 9 2014 Anchor

Tried it too and really liked it too!

I went up to the SHIFT instruction and unfortunately got stuck. I restarted this sequence by choosing "crash" in the menu but I got stuck again as soon as I used SHIFT. Basically, the little dude doesn't take his steps. He just stay there. Maybe I don't understand which key I'm supposed to press but I pretty much tried to press everything. :dead:

Anyway, the graphics and the mood are so cute. I love the gameplay idea (creating the platforms with Tetris block more than shooting stuff).

Like Va11ar, I found the tutorial could be speed up too. Some suggestions:
- find a way to make it faster when characters are moving. It's not so fun to wait till they reach point B.
- the dialog are fun, I really like them and they really set the atmosphere of the game. However, too much funny (vs instructive) lines make the dialog feel a bit long sometimes. Maybe shorten the longer humorous dialog/sequence?
- would be cool to be able to display the whole text when pressing "spacebar". Yes, I'm that type of impatient player :p

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Jul 9 2014 Anchor


Thanks for spotting this bug! We've just added the SHIFT instruction yesterday with this "little" bug ;) Now it's working again. When you would give the demo a second chance, clear the cache and try it again. And thank you for your feedback so far! We'll shorten the dialog and some timings for sure. Almost everybody is saying this ;)

Jul 9 2014 Anchor

@ CookieEngine

Glad I didn't catch the Shift bug. But to answer your question, the text is fine, but I am a person that likes story based games. Though I'd rather have a skip tutorial/cutscene in case I had to reload/restart something. However, I believe you had that mind probably and that is why I didn't include it in my previous feedback.

Jul 10 2014 Anchor


We'd like people who like story based games ;) And yes, we will implement some checkpoints, so that you don't have to go through the whole sequence again...

When the feedback is processed, we will post a new version here in the forum :)

The next update is done, version 0.1.3 is online!

Everything is faster now. The dialogs appear instantly by pressing space, the oinky-dude jumps faster, and many other small optimizations. Hopefully the demo feels "smoother" now!

## EDIT:
We just added some screenshots and a gameplay video.
Take a look:

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