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Oct 27 2017 Anchor

Hey all. I'm currently looking for help with making a Postal 2 mod.

I'm new to modding and I thought I'd start simple with a melee weapon, but I keep running into numerous issues.

For one, I'm not sure if any of my work is saving. I open up the animation file after changing and saving it, and none of the changes I've made seem to be there.
I also compiled the mod to test it, but I can't get the Postal2 to launch the testmap.

I'd appreciate some help

Apr 18 2019 Anchor

It seems to be possible to buy the DLC Paradise Lost w/o problems. Why this? I can't even find the banned main game in the shop to run the DLC. This should be corrected before someone get's the idea it could be a standalone version. I need halp with writing an essay for my father, have any ideas?

Oct 22 2019 Anchor

I had the same problem with creating Postal 2 mod. But the worst one is where to find a dissertation abstract or person who can help write it instead of me.

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