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Jul 9 2013 Anchor

hi what ever mod i install i get a error(Can't find background image materials/console/startup_loading.vtv) when i launc i launch it and ive been trying to fix it since last morning and now i just want to play please help.

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Jul 9 2013 Anchor

1. what mod for which game?
2. have you read instructions for installing the mod?
3 have you restarted PC? (you probably have several times)
4. have you checked the filesize of your download? maybe it was incomplete.

Mods are usually easy enough to install, so it is important to know what mod it is you are having problems with. Describe the process of what you are doing and maybe we can help you.

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Jul 9 2013 Anchor

Source engine error, unable to locate folder/asset. You probably made a mistake when moving/copying the files.

I have no experience with the engine/games so I'm unable to help, and unwilling to remotely troubleshoot. Include more relevant information next time.

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Jul 9 2013 Anchor

1. its not just one mod so hl2, hl2 ep1, hl2 ep2 and portal
2. i installed it with desura

it says its missing a file and when its supposed to show the valve logo its just a white screen

i just realized that desura dint have portal so im having a game scan ill comeback later with more info later k

[hl2: minerva, slums, the island]
[hl2 ep2: cube mod , spherical nightmare]
[portal: aperture: deja vu, coretex cluster, factum solusl, memories only chapter 1-2, portal:prelude, portal:unity, portal: vocaloid edition, portaltiy, thinking with portals 2, portal: new adventure]
if you need more info just say it

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