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Oct 12 2017 Anchor

Fellow VR game lovers!

I would like to let you guys know that Casinopia: The Blackjack is released on Steam so now you can play Blackjack against other people in real time. The game is free to play, so if you have your HTC Vive headset there is no good reason for you not to install and play it!

I put the trailer of the game here so that you can see how it looks like:

The game is in its Early Access phase so please support it by downloading and playing.
Let me know what you think of the game, and perhaps let’s play it together sometime! ;)

Nov 28 2023 Anchor

Playing blackjack in a Virtual Reality (VR) casino is like combining the fun of a real casino with the ease of playing games online. Here's a simpler look at this cool experience:

Getting Ready:

  • Equipment: First, you need a VR headset and some gear that works with it. Once you have these, you start the VR casino app.

  • Avatar Creation: When you enter the VR casino, you make an avatar for yourself. This avatar is like your character in the game, helping you move around, talk to other players, and sit at a blackjack table.

Playing Blackjack:

  • Choosing a Table: You can walk around in the VR casino and pick a blackjack table. Each table has different rules for how much you can bet.

  • Sitting and Talking: After you pick a table, you sit down. You can look around, see other players as avatars, and chat with them.

  • Starting the Game: The game starts with the dealer (who might be a computer or a real person as an avatar) giving out the cards. You can see your cards and the dealer's first card, just like in a real game.

  • Game Choices: You play just like regular blackjack, deciding when to take more cards, stop, double your bet, or split cards. You do this with hand movements or by choosing options on the screen.

  • Real Feel: The VR game makes you feel like you're really in a casino. You hear casino sounds, feel like you're holding cards, and wait eagerly for the dealer's next move.

Why VR Blackjack is Cool:

  • Convenient and Easy: You can play from home but still get the exciting feel of being in a casino.

  • Meeting People: You can talk and interact with other players, which is fun and not usually part of online games.

  • Feels Like a Real Casino: The VR setup is designed to look and sound like a real casino, making the game feel more authentic.

  • Comfort and Privacy: You can play in your own space, comfortably and privately.

Things to Think About:

  • Cost of Equipment: VR headsets and gear can be pricey.

  • Need Good Internet: A strong and steady internet connection is important for a smooth game.

  • Learning How to Use It: It might take a bit of time to get used to playing in VR.

In short, playing blackjack in a VR casino is a fun mix of real and online gaming. It's great for people who like casinos and those who prefer playing online. As VR gets better, these games will only get more exciting and real-feeling.

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