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Feb 18 2017 Anchor

Hi! I would like to ask gamers here about Portable Gaming System!

In July 2016 most of gamers became haters of this project, because PGS founders cancelled fund-raising.
In January, 31, 2017 PGS posted interesting record in their blog:

Hello, dear friends.

Today we are going to share some news.

We have signed a contract with our Taiwanese partners for full-cycle manufacture of the line of our devices, PGS Hardcore and PGS Lite. In the next few month we are launching the manufacturing process of the first pre-release device batches.

Once they are ready, device samples will be sent to relevant media entities, journalists, and bloggers for making reviews.

We can say for sure that year 2017 is going to become a starting point for a new type of personal gadgets, a family of devices under the PGS brand. This year a lot of good news are coming.

Please, take note that our website has undergone partial update, which reflects the modified design of the device and other technical modifications that we covered in the previous update. In the near future our website will undergo further, large-scale update, so you will find even more detailed and accurate information about PGS.

Also, we'd like to show you the concepts of PGS Hardcore in various colours, since the appearance of the device has been slightly changed due to the new technical solutions that we wrote about earlier. At first, we were torn between coloured back covers only and the fully coloured bodies, but then we decided that it would be much better if devices differ between each other as finished colour concepts.

In addition, we'd like to note that at the beginning of January we have signed agreement with the new investor, so now we are fully concentrated on our work to produce an ideal gadget, the hybrid of a portable game console, smartphone, and mini PC.

Best wishes, PGS Team

PGS are trying to convince us that they are not scammers. Let's start the poll!

Feb 19 2017 Anchor

It is hard for me to be sure, thus I voted 'God Knows'

Is it possible to put PC power in a Handheld? Just looking at my latest video card, it's doubtful.
And what is their definition of a PC? A top of the line gaming PC from 2017, or just a PC from 2000 or there abouts? :P

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