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May 12 2013 Anchor

General Information
Platform : iOS (Universal App)
Link :

Genre : Puzzle
Price : £0.69
Screen Shots
Pebbles is a fun little puzzle game create in GameMaker-Studio over the course of a couple weeks. Pebbles features 50 levels featuring a variety of Pebble’s core element “tiles”. The Bag tile is the most basic tile that allows one to spill the contents out in one of the four cardinal directions, and by combining these with other tiles such as the multi-faceted warp tile the player must end up with a tile or pebble over the Chest tile. Tiles can interact with each other in a variety of ways often resulting in more than one solution to a problem, are you up for finding the simplest one? Play through the levels in sequence or pick and choose which levels you want to play through the level select menu. Closing Notes If you enjoy Pebbles remember and rate us on the app store and leave a comment in this topic. You can also get some promocodes from app picker :, there's 4 left just now so grab them while you can.

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May 20 2013 Anchor

That's cute.Is there any chance of it being ported to Android or Windows 8? I'd play it.


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