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Jul 26 2018 Anchor

Nile with Freehold Games back with some interesting facts about Caves of Qud that really set it apart from other roguelikes:

  • It has an original science fantasy setting and some of the best prose writing in all of video games. Just ask Kotaku, Polygon, and Paste Magazine.

  • Its super deep character creation options and simulated systems give rise to emergent gameplay with nearly limitless possibilities. Make a character with two heads and wings, dig a tunnel to anywhere in the world, contract a fungal infection ... or start growing mushrooms out of your hands. It’s a crazy world out there!

  • Caves of Qud has delightful, rich, absurdly funny generated histories and social networks – with more than 60 factions and unique procedurally-generated histories each game, sentient creatures from animals to tables, and complex social dynamics you’ll need to traverse in order to uncover the world’s secrets. And yes – Caves of Qud has quite a lot of secrets to share!

Still not convinced Caves of Qud is unlike any other roguelike? Then take a look at these great Let’s Play streams from some prominent YouTube channels to see what you are missing!

Check out Caves of Qud on Steam and tell us: What’s the craziest thing you’ve encountered in the game?


Nile with Freehold Games<

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