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Jun 8 2019 Anchor

Hello there,

I'm looking for a writer for a fantasy based VN, which is heavy on the fantasy in medieval era. It's going to be erotic with heavy NSFW lewd content, with varying themes. Although we too have our limits to the kind of NSFW theme, but if it comes to, at certain points we might need to do things which we don't prefer. So you must he comfortable with almost anything to extreme NSFW.

It's heavily multiple choice based, and has different routes for different characters. I should mention that it's base is romance, that is 50 to 60% is still going to be romance based. It's a paid project but I too have my limits. 0.01$/word would be preferred and most comfortable with me.

I can't guarantee an advanced payment (Due to some issues with my bank which I'm trying to fix, but rest assured it only means slightly delayed payment, other than that there won't be any repercussions showing in regards to me paying up.) so please consider that before taking an interest in it.

(P.S. I'd prefer if we could come to an agreement over revenue share but if not, I've shared a price that I could be fully comfortable to pay.)
Note: If there are some kinks that the writer really can't work with, we can look for some alternatives in one way or another, I'd also love to hear any opinions regarding any kinks which you can't work with so we can come to some sort of an alternative or get someone else to write for that small part involving that certain kinks. We can come up with some arrangement with someone else, in short I have plans B, C and D in regards to that.
Note 2: Sample arts will be added in a day or two, currently working on refining the char designs, they are mostly done just need to do some fine tuning.

Here's a link to the story background:
You can view sample renders here.

Please feel free to contact me at Gray#7155 or message me here or mail me up at

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