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Dec 27 2017 Anchor

I know that a lot of us struggle with money while trying to get into the indie game development industry.
I am launching a company on June 1st and I'm looking for people still. I wanted to post here because maybe for some of you this is a chance at beginning a new chapter in your lives.

It's a work from home situation, we work in game and software development. We already have two full teams working on different projects and are looking to add to that. Our website, forums and servers are launching January 8th as that will be the day the company will be officially founded.

Let me tell you what we're looking for and what the requirements are for you to come work for us.


× Writers --- we're looking for people who have creative writing skills to help build our worlds, write our games and bring creative new ideas to the project.

× Artists --- we're looking for people who love art and are willing and able to provide 2D graphics, concept art, interfaces, textures and more.

× Modellers --- we're looking for people who are capable of creating 3D environments, items, characters, and more.

× Programmers --- we're in need of people who passionately spend their days staring at documents no one else understands to bring life to our projects.

× Animators --- if you're great at making things move and do your bidding, you're exactly who we're looking for to bring movement into our worlds.

× Voice Actors --- if you love reading out loud and would like to hear your voice as a character in our games, this is the way to go.

× Think you got another skill that's useful for us? Don't be shy, contact us!



I'm posting this here not because I expect to find solely professional developers here. I'm posting here because I want to also give people with little experience but a lot of passion a chance of living their dream. The way this works is as follows:

++ If you are experienced in any of the above, please get in touch with me and provide samples of your work. If you have none, I will give you a test assignment.

--- If you are interested in working with us but you have no experience in any of the above, don't fret, we're prepared for that. Besides our paid projects we have training projects, game modifications, where you'll get a chance to join a team and learn whatever you need to move on to bigger things.



Payment varies per project and job assignment, sometimes you get monthly wages, sometimes you're paid per assignment and sometimes you get a percentage of all profit from the game after release, or a set amount of money upon game completion.
***Anything related to payment will be specified in your contract***

Let me know if you have any questions or if you're interested! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Dec 27 2017 Anchor

Hiya experienced voice actor here. My website is which contains my demo, past works (not all due to nda) and many recommendations!

Dec 27 2017 Anchor

What games have you worked on?

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Dec 30 2017 Anchor

I have sent you PM.

Dec 30 2017 Anchor

Greetings . I have sent you a personal message . I hopr to hear from you soon

Dec 30 2017 Anchor

Hi, I have PMed you. Hope to hear back.

Jan 2 2018 Anchor

We've received an enormous amount of messages responding to this thread. We're very happy about this but it will take us a few days to get through to respond to everyone individually. Thank you for your understanding and patience :)

Happy new year!

May 28 2018 Anchor

Pre-Launch Registering on our forums is now available! We are starting our journey with a 10-day Giveaway period throughout which you can win different prizes every day. You do not have to have any association with our company to participate!

Join the forum here:

Get directly to the giveaway thread:

Jun 6 2018 Anchor

Hi, sent you a PM. :D Hope to hear from ya!

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