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Jan 17 2019 Anchor


I'm Noah, a game composer based in the US looking for some work. I just finished up my last paid project, so I'm free to hop onto some more and would be interested in seeing what kind of games everyone is making. I would love to work on something like an RTS or FPS where I can make some gritty and tough synthy industrial tunes, or an RPG with a wide variety of music, but I'm open to practically anything.

My experience lies mostly with two things: chiptune, and 90s synths. Regarding chiptune, I have a good amount of proficiency with tracker interfaces as a whole and have extensively used Famitracker (NES), DefleMask (SEGA Genesis & PC Engine), and AdLib Tracker II (AdLib/SoundBlaster) in the past. I'm willing to learn anything required for the project however if that's not what you're after, and quickly at that as demonstrated by some of the demo tracks that follow.

My other area of expertise falls within making music on original 90s synthesizers, the same models used to create 90s and early 2000s soundtracks that many people remember from their childhoods.

Regarding genre, I'm flexible and open to whatever is necessary for the project. I've done atmospheric, electronic, industrial, orchestral, breakbeat, drum and bass, and more. I also have a small amount of experience in sound design and would be willing to learn more, catered for your project.

Samples (click on the names for the links):

Planet X3 Soundtrack: I did tracks 10~18 in this playlist, except track 15 which I converted to the MT-32 for the OST release. The versions linked are the high fidelity MT-32 arrangements for the soundtrack. The game it self features Tandy, AdLib, and PC Speaker music of which I composed and converted 7 out of 10 tunes. Those versions and the additional Roland SC-55 soundtrack can be found on my YouTube channel:

Crash It: Industrial tune made in two or so hours to demonstrate the capabilities of the JV/XV/XP series of synthesizers. Many of the instruments you hear in it are original sounds that I created on it.

Blood Death Wish Soundtrack: The full soundtrack was done in four days since I was in a rush to complete it and is a mixture of orchestral and atmospheric music. This soundtrack was made to be General MIDI compatible due to the age of the game, and as such was made under some strict limitations with a limited tool set.

Necrolepsy - A Restless Beginning: The first stage theme to an upcoming action platformer that I did the music and sound design for. This was created using only the Roland SC-88 Pro, a popular choice for game composers in the 90s with a low to mid budget due to the high quality sounds at a low price.

Tribulations of a Tried Jury: A quick tune I whipped up in an hour to play with some OPL3/SoundBlaster sounds. These are the type of chiptune sounds I'm most familiar with but again, I'm open to anything.

Dance of the Clans: Track inspired by MechWarrior 2 and Metroid Prime using some of the same instrument samples.

Playlist: Original Music: All of the original music I've made recently that has no attachment to any professional/paid projects.

*Playlists: Mega Drive/Genesis, NES/Famicom, and AdLib music: A collection of covers I've made. These were mostly just to examine some music and learn from it, as well as learn more about the technical side of things for the systems.

Payment is required, but the amount is negotiable, is dependent on what kind of music you want, and is based on each minute of finished *and* accepted music provided.

That should cover just about everything. If you want to get in contact, then please send me an e-mail at - I'll try to check this thread as much as I can, but checking my email is part of my daily routine.

Thank you!

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