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TyrannoByte We have a T-Rex
Jan 11 2017 Anchor

Hello, I'm currently developing a survival-horror game all by my lonesome using the Unity engine. It's called Mesozoicide (name subject to change) and is inspired from old-school survival horror games from the PS1 era like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and most notably Dino Crisis. The game will feature graphics and models inspired from the old PS1 era of horror games along with the same gameplay style using fixed cameras and tank controls.

The game is going to feature four-player co-op similar to the horror games Resident Evil Outbreak which featured the same gameplay mentioned above, but with a co-operative twist. Instead of fighting zombies or monsters, you'll be taking on dinosaurs hence the main inspiration being drawn from Dino Crisis. Looking for a 3D artist to help me put my vision into a reality when we get around to forming environments, dinosaurs, and the playable characters.

Contact me on here for more information!

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