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Jan 23 2018 Anchor

I don't really expect this to get answered since the problem I have with this game right now is so specific and uncommon nobody can help me, but I've posted this everywhere and this is my last chance.

Back when I used to play generals on my old computer, I used to remember having this gold medal on my skirmish screen (the one that appears when you pick a map). It was a gold eagle with stars under it and it said it was awarded to people who were "founding members of the generals community" but for months now that medals been gone. After about 2 and a half hours of searching on moddb for an old comment I left on contra 007's comment section explaining to people how I got my medal back, I said and I quote "Nevermind, I fixed it by putting the skirmishstats.ini from the old version of the game I had into the new one. As long as you add the correct text the medal will appear." However, I recently went back on my old hard drive and copied the skirmishstats.ini file to see if my officers club medal would show up and it didn't. I don't understand how this could be since I rarely use my old computer and I haven't touched the game files since last april when I last had the medal. Does anyone know how to fix this or make the medal appear again?

P.S. I've heard people saying that only people who preordered generals have that officer club medal on their game, but the copy of the game that I own is command and conquer generals deluxe edition, which leads me to believe I got the medal from someplace else or maybe downloaded the skirmishstats.ini that contained it somewhere. Even though I didn't preorder the game, I still remember having the medal. I also tried looking in the game.dat file that zero hour has to see if i could find anything related to it in there, and I found some things that mention the award, but no matter what I edit it won't show up.

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