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ShogunAssassin50 Novel Writer, Pro Gamer and Novice Mod Developer
Jun 24 2013 Anchor

Hi, I am ShogunAssassin50 and I'm looking for a someone who can possible teach me and/or help me learn how to mod games on the PC, more specifically the game Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour.

For years I have been playing mods made by dozens of different people and have enjoyed their creations and imagination to the game. However, recently I have been finding a hobby of attempting to mod the game myself and see how it turns out. Since I didn't know much about coding and i really just wanted to stick to the basics at first, I have been using a program called TibEd 2, and I have been happy so far. But of course, I can't go very far with it. I can't edit command sets for units, buildings, and General Powers/Promotion trees or I get error messages and I am unable to start the mod unless I return the edited parts back to their original states.

Also, something I would like to learn is how to edit unit sizes and textures. I am not so big on having to model from scratch and make a new unit if I have to, but if I need to do so in order to do what I want, than by all I means I am not afraid to learn how to do so.

The type of mods I usually like to do are ones with realistic aspects, which is why I want to learn how to edit textures and command sets, as I want to get rid of certain units/upgrades. In the basic mod I made with the program TibEd 2, I already made a small Pre-Alpha realism mod with the USA faction, having edited the weapon range, sight and strength of almost every unit and base defense. I know how to balance units over time and I did so, after countless tests in game.

Please, if you can help just comment below on this thread to send me a message to my inbox. I hop on the site at least once to twice a day when I'm free

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