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Dec 9 2018 Anchor

Hi guys! Currently, I'm writing storylines for a roguelike video game. It's not going to be a linear story with a definite start and end. Only the start will always be the same, but how the story progresses and ends depends on players performance and choices.

Is there anyone who wrote non-linear narratives? How did you approach it?
Could you share examples of the good non-linear video game storylines?

Thank you!

ABJECT_SELF Rookie Coder/Mad Scientist
Jan 7 2019 Anchor

A good start is to create a "tree" outline of your story with all the major plot points, including points that may change depending on the player's actions. There's a wide range of software you can do this in, from simple spreadsheet creators to dedicated story outline software. is an easy and free way to draw this out.


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Jan 17 2019 Anchor

It's really cool idea! I wanna see a result

Jan 17 2019 Anchor

Just write a linear story and then pick it apart in retroperspective and change elements that could be interchangeable.

In theater there is the concept of Chekhov's gun, meaning that if a gun is introduced it has to be used in the next act or one act afte that, but in reality the writing is not approched by the introduction of the gun but by its use. The use comes first, then afterwats the token gets placed so the viewer thinks he follows a plot when the plot went from B back to A and not the other way around.

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