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Apr 14 2021 Anchor

Hey, hello. It's evening from where I came from.

I'm a new storywriter who has done so many complicated magic-and-technology fantasy lore for myself and myself only, and even done some newbie artworks relating to that, but I've just recently shifted from that into doing some story about psychological apocalypse with a pinch of exploring and looting and walking around the messy places with some plot twists planned throughout. Mostly, they're inspired by popular horror mods of the last decade.

I have created unrefined scenarios for my protagonist (yet unnamed at this point, but she's chill as hell) and some lore I am yet to be satisfied about. But knowing myself, I tend to skip chapters after I was done with the first chapter then move on 2 nonexistent chapters ahead. What do I do to create some interesting chapters to fill this gap, in plot? Should I take it slow or be lazy as I explain my protagonist's actions, and environmental moments in detail?

All your opinions, tips and advices are welcome and I thank you in advance. 😊

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Apr 18 2021 Anchor

-Insert comics in between so that reader is motivated to continue reading. Combination of text and pictures has positive effect on low lever patients, so try in now. Give us some mystic pictures, at least one per page.

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May 19 2021 Anchor

There's no reason to feel you have to start at chapter one. Go ahead and write the bits that are interesting to you and then, if you're going to release/share it, grind out the bits in-between. But if it's just for you, there's no reason to do the boring in-betweens.

Different readers (an writers!) have different styles. Personally, I like a story that just gets on with things. Use details sparingly. Cut filler. Summarise boring stretches. Jump forward through time. Sketch your world, don't photograph it. Trust the reader to fill in the blanks, let them have their own vision.

We don't need to follow every step of your protagonist - we just want to see the edited highlights. If you're bored of writing the chapter where the hero goes from A to B, then imagine how tedious it'll be for the poor reader! Just cut it, move forward.

You might find that a series of short stories is a better format if your chapters are very distinct.

Jul 20 2021 Anchor

Writing scripts is always a very time-consuming process, but once you start it won't stop.


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