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Oct 26 2019 Anchor

Really good place here to find mods of games but it is getting increasingly difficult to post toolsets.

Specifically things like blender ,make human ,Opensource 3d applications you get the drill.

For example please see below basic modding for makehuman old as ass version...

Imagine now that One could post mods of applications instead of just pointing it to a files section that gets hidden

When it gets posted to applications under mods ..

well its visable to everyone rather then hidden away behind

walls of text that may or may not lead you nowhere.

This site claims to be a Database of mods right ? so are you discriminating application modding ?

Or do you feel scripts for 3d programs and the like should remain under the files tab forever hidden unless the right keywords are used ?

Things like config files and expansion files for map editors maybe.

Places exists yes for the sourcecode side of things but finding add on's for those are exhaustive.

The potential to make game modders lives easier should not need to be said.

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