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Jul 17 2017 Anchor

What´s up guy. I´m developing a card game and I would like to know what the player thinks about a card game. So, clould you answer this simple questions?

Thank in advance.

Jul 23 2017 Anchor

Your survey leaves a few options to be desired also its a little short. If your going to make a card game that you want people to pay for after they've joined well your mostly likely going to attract whales (pay to win). To support your whales you'd need to make the game free to continuously attract new players for the whales to feed off and thus validate why they spent so much money on your game.

If you look at CardQuest;

They have made a wonderful single player card game and while its not as in depth or containing a wide variety as you would see in some larger studio games, its still very fun to play. You can also use the cards as a mechanic for your world, something they did with Hand of Fate. They did a wonderful job at simulating a vast open world experience with no actual open world.

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