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Jun 28 2013 Anchor

Hi I'm new to this forum and this is actually my first post anyay im a RPG Maker creator and yes I do know a little bit c++ and java scripting so dont judge me.
As I said I'm a RPG Maker creator and I got 2 games on the developing table right now but I need ideas for a RPG Maker/Something game help??? You will get your name in the description... THANKS:gordon:

Jun 28 2013 Anchor

Pick an RPG game you like, recreate the things you liked, fix the things you didn't like, add things you would like that game to have and there you go!

Jun 28 2013 Anchor

Hi PoorLittleIndieMaker, i'm glad that you are posting here because i have a suggestion that you can use however you like

This is an RPG lore we wrote a while ago, i'm pretty sure you'll make use of this.

Feel free to recreate my lore and perhaps you'll make a great RPG, goodluck.

And by the way, we don't judge people here, everyone is new sometimes so there's nothing wrong with that, we all have to learn right? :)

A long time ago in Maularia there was peace and understanding among the three dimensions.

The Suna, The Sand Kingdoms A place filled with old catacombs and scrolls used for knowledge

The Fuyu, The Snow Kingdoms The cold land where only the strongest survive

The Kami, The Spirit Kingdoms
Where the magic is the strongest and the most powerful of all But there was a fourth dimension... Korgas a dimension unspoken of. Where the lost souls would wander off into the black abyss and never return.

The fourth dimension was once a piece of the normal world, but something happened, something wicked attacked the fourth dimension and destroyed the Heart of the Runes, and so the fourth dimension was shattered, and it's whereabouts are unknown.
The home of the shadows, The great evils and monstrous things never spoken in human tongue. Few have ever entered that place and even fewer have returned;

But there was one man... wearing a cloak of shadows a Shaed, an artifact of long forgotten times. He was known as Devious the hero who lived long enough to be the corrupted villain, the long dark nights in these furious lands made his mind twisted, dreams wicked and shadows came haunting him.

The dark powers of the abyss changed his flesh blood and even bones to shadow like smoke. When he bled only shadow would come out and only a fool would believe it was blood.
Something dark would drip from his flesh and corrupt the place it landed and even the slightest sunlight would make the liquid turn into smoke.

He started to corrupt the lands with his wicked mind and sickness and everything would slowly turn darker and darker.
Animals and plants slowly started to give in to the wickedness and mutated into strange things. The pest he brought with him slowly devoured the Spirit kingdoms, and turned the whole Spirit kingdom into shadows... And so... The Spirit kingdoms were devoured.

But one day three chosen were sent towards the heart of the disease. They healed the corrupted lands and destroyed the heart.... Well so it would seem, but the heart did never die, it only faded deeper into the abyss where it was born, and so another shadow was born...
Everyone was so glad that the endless war of shadows and pain had come to an end and so the years of peace was once again restored, and the man wearing the shaed could not be found.

But the wickedness had corrupted the old runes, they shattered by the madness that had corrupted them... And so the portal was opened.

Old times said that only on moonless nights you could enter the lost world.. No one knew how or where, There was but rumors about riches that couldn't even fit in our imaginations.

Powers that made gods look like insects, creatures that would not even think twice before eating your soul and leaving nothing but dust...

And you may ask yourself, a Hero?
I have heard of no good deeds from this corrupted man wearing the cloak of shadows?
Then ask yourself, would his deeds had made a difference?
Would they matter?

He slayed a dragon made of pure marble.
He stole a gem that had gathered true strength.
He had five rings describing his five powers.

But however... he also had a necklace: Feloria the necklace who captured the souls of slayed monsters so that they would never see light again... But this very necklace was his doom. When he slayed the demons from The Lost Realm, it started corrupting his mind... It was said that when he slayed enough demons it exploded and a mist of unknown colour surrounded his body and formed a cocoon which changed his body into an atomic structure.

The Five Rings got scattered over the demensions, leaving powerful monsters in their wake leaving the world at risk, they came as if they had been summoned from nowhere:

Karil - The Seven Headed Overlord from the Depths
Infero - The Guardian of Vord Mountain
Zebls - The Gatekeeper of Vord Mountain
Cyphyr - The Wind Lord
Tundra - The Lighting Maid

And so another war started, but this war... Was between mankind and vicious demons summoned into our world for what reason... Could it unite the three dimensions in our world, and might they cooperate?

But who will save us now?
Where have our heroes gone?
Will the chosen ones return?

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Jun 29 2013 Anchor

Thanks mate I have sadly found many forums hateful but not this one it seems like. I'm thinking of making a game inspired to your story and if I do your name will be in the ending titles. :ninja:

Jun 29 2013 Anchor

PoorLittleIndieMaker wrote: Thanks mate I have sadly found many forums hateful but not this one it seems like. I'm thinking of making a game inspired to your story and if I do your name will be in the ending titles. :ninja:

I don't require credit, because we haven't used the lore in our games as of yet, but if you did it anyways it would be nice :)

Jun 30 2013 Anchor

of course I will.... The big company's take to much pride in this world.... :cry:

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