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Jul 25 2013 Anchor


[ Read this through if you're interested in a pirate naval / onepiece based game ]

Getting started ;

Main Idea
Okay, Here's my Concept/Idea for a One Piece MMO, Whilst you may
not be familiar with the One Piece world i can assure you it is a vast open
world that could easily be transferred into an MMO. Lets start with the 4 main
seas, The North Blue, The West Blue, The South Blue and of course the East
Blue. You could create a character, not necessarily a Pirate - You could be a
marine or even a Bounty Hunter (I'll talk about this idea later), It would be
your choice as the player and you would start off in your choice of which sea
you would start in. There would not be a level system, more of an Open world
sandbox type of deal, where your 'Threat' level could be based off of the
amount of 'Bounty' - as a pirate, or Reputation as a Marine or Bounty Hunter (Both
could work for a Pirate and Bounty Hunter), and the islands and ports
could be explored freely. Also you would have a fully customisable ship, even
as far as being able to create your own flag/banner on your ship, such as they
do in the One Piece series, and obviously like pirates did. The customisation
on your ship would also reach as far as your crews quaters, size of the ship,
Captains quaters, amount of sails ect. There hasn't really been an MMO
that really does this whole Pirate deal very well in the past, the only one i
can think of is Uncharted waters, which you aren't even a Pirate in.


Naval Combat would be a big thing in the game, obviously and, i
don't believe that it has been properly achieved in any naval game before. My
idea for this is very similar to the game 'Guns of Icarus' where you are free
to walk around your ship in a battle situation and choose what to focus on,
like manning the cannons, repairing the ship and of course steering the ship.

Other than Naval Combat, you would need Ranged and Melee Combat,
which could incorporate Devil-Fruit powers at the same time (Very hard to
acquire). This type of combat could be more conventional, e.g. Similar to WoW,
But i think that it would be far better in a Hack/slash sort of style, where
you have combos to pull of, whilst still having certain skills. This type of Combat
would be initiated on land or If you were boarding other ships or if you were
being Boarded in turn.


Like i previously said, I don't think that there should be levels
only a bounty/reputation system which would distinguish the threat and
experience of the other players." But there probably will be something like you
get experience points which you can use to imrpove your skills at specifec areas"
Other than these levels you would have skill development, which is seen quite
often in new MMO's, advancing your skill with
swords, or specific type of guns to other things such as cannons or your
ability to steer the ship, the more you get up these skills the more benefits
you would get in that area. However, I'm not sure if there should be a cap in
the amount you can 'spec' into, like in 'Mortal Online' you only get a certain
amount of total points for all skills, otherwise the balancing could just get
ridiculous. Otherwise you could have 1000 in your swords abilities and also 1000 in say your gun
abilites, which would be unbalanced, because it would mean you would be a
overpowered god-type character. I still think this is a better system than if
there where levels.

Now death - If you were to die, i don't think that your char
should be dead for ever, but otherwise you just lose a fair amount of stats and
you lose the majority of you bounty/rep. You would also respawn at the nearest
friendly port/town for your 'class' (Like Pirate/marine/bounty Hunter's would
have different friendly ports, Bounty hunters would be Neutral). Your ship
would also be on say 25% of its max Durabilty And i dont think you should lose
all of your money either, just a small amount.


Pirate - This 'Faction' would
be just a general pirate, you would roam the seas taking out marine ships and
fighting for a better reputation or bounty on your head and of course,
Treasure! You could also pillage and loot towns of course as long as you have a
sufficient strength to be able to complete the task.

Marine - This 'Faction' would be
the law bringer to the Pirate's and any rogue Bounty Hunters that don't know
there place, you could take your share from any pirate ships that you sink and
would increase you rank through the Marine rank-system starting from recruit
and eventually, maybe working your way up to Lieutenant's or Officer rank

Bounty Hunters - The 'Faction' that would usually travel Solo or in a small group,
and would hunt down Pirate's for there Bounty that they have accumulated from
travelling on the sea. You would cash in these bounties in the nearsest
Ports/Towns at the marine office there (Or bounty office).


Human And Fisherman ------ Advantages and Disadvantages for each will be set out later.


Doctor - Heal the wounds and diseases of the crew members
Chef/cook - Cook food that replenishes the health and stamina of fellow crew members
Navigator - Map out areas of the world, hand them to crew members or even sell them for the newbies
Shipwright - Build ships
Musician - Support crew members with possible buffs and such.

Now all of the classes listed above can have the offensive ability but it's just their profession in-game.

Well, that's pretty much it, i know that there are definatley some
of the features/ideas that i have left out, i just couldn't think of it.

( Everything is subject to change )

Now as you can see, this game is not only a good anime game/ onepiece based game, it would be a great
game in which you can sail through the world and have interesting naval fights.
The idea of the game is superb in my opinion, which is why i think it'd make a nice game.


Now for the members of the team, what we have and want.

The Engine that is going to be used is probably going to be Unity.
What we have ;

1 level designer/environment artist
1 programmer
1 modeler
1 sound/music

What we need ;

more programmers,animator,riggers,more modelers,character modelers,web designer,and texture artist.

Note that this an indie non paid project, we're doing this because we wish to have such a game and are passionate about making it come true.

Thank you for your time.
Any constructive criticism is more than Welcome.

Project Page on indiedb :
As you can see, there is not much on this page, but this is what we are hoping to change.

Post here if you're interested , contact me on
or contact the project leader at: mail : | skype : nomi1337

Keep up with updates regarding the mechanics over here , until the forum is ready.

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