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Apr 7 2018 Anchor

I think this is the best place to put this thread, it's unpaid so I didn't try to submit it as a job but let me know of I should have posted it in a different forum!

So I've been a bit stuck for quite some time, and I have basic ideas down but am unable to get them out properly. I'd love to have a few people, but I'll take what I can get. Some basics:

Medieval -esque Fantasy
There's magic, gods, monsters, whole different world
Cultures that need design development, I have basic ideas for nearly all of them
Google doc outlining most of the world and cultures

I need someone who can give or get feedback honestly and be okay with
I sadly do not have much time to work on the project, so understand things will not be super fast paced, but at a pretty chill speed.

This has been my passion project for so long and I want to at least get it off the ground into a few cute games. I've tried working solo on quite a few projects but always feel short because I would get lost or redo everything because I don't have a solid foundation. I can show a few games that I've started if it can help any, and am going to as open as I can about all the information I can give! If you're interested, feel free to post here and then we can take it to email or we can start a little discord chat or channel.

If you're interested, leave me an email or post here, and bring as many examples you've gotten! If you're brand new, I don't mind that either. Thanks!!

May 12 2018 Anchor

If it is just feedback, why not post here? It would be much easier/quicker and it would give the chance for multiple people to see your project and share ideas.

Same goes for your other games, at least for me, posting them here gives me the motivation to not give up and add stuff bit by bit, although I can understand that keeping a page/writing articles can be a little time consuming.

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