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Oct 5 2017 Anchor

Hey there! I am new to this Forum so forgive me if I had made any mistakes. As the title said, I would like to know if anyone can teach me how to mod WH40K DoW SS units. I recently installed a mod here called "Ultra No limit Mod" which basically give me and the A.I load of resources and 9999 pop limit.

So here is the problem, when there are a massive war going on and the A.I keep sending fully upgraded troops (curse those battle NUNS and Tau!!!!!) at my gates while I have to manually upgrade one unit at a time (Imperial guards need a lot of upgrades). It is extremely tiring and impossible to fully upgraded all of them with the constant battles. so I wonder if I can mod the units so I can recruit a fully upgraded squad instead of the default squad. However, I have no experience in modding but I am willing to learn from scratch if necessary and I have about a few months before my Med School start again.

Thank you :D

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