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Oct 5 2016 Anchor

Hi I have a problem and there is no info I can find on the internet that can help me. So I am trying to make a map ( lets say map03 ) and i want to have a secret end in a map that takes you to a secret map ( map 31 ). Now the problem is that in order to work I need to put secret exit in map15 but I don't have 15 maps and my wad ends at map10, but I cant put it on map03 then it wont work, it will just transport me to map04. I hope you understand my problem and i hope that I will get a reply for this problem.


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Nov 29 2016 Anchor

What do u mean by "map01","map04",etc?

Dec 4 2016 Anchor

if you mean like what map01 means then map01= first level in doom etc. I dont know if this is info that you wanted but I was able to fix my problem but if you know a solution I would love to hear it.

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