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Apr 20 2020 Anchor

I am a programmer who knows C# and has experience with Unity. Right now we are a team of two coders, one 3d modeler a sound designer and a music designer. We are in need however for more artists who can work on concept art, modeling human-like monsters or small items like furniture, coffee mug, desk, weapons and etc. Anyways, we have documents, github, versions for the game and etc. We are creating a surreleastic horror game that is heavily based on the concept of the backrooms. But instead we are making a full game with its own story and world. So if you are a 3d modeler and animator who uses Blender, 3D Max or Maya, please contact me with either methods:

My facebook account -

Discord - Arstotzka Empire#9883

Mail -

Prefferably use social networks to message me because it is much simpler, we really need a 3d modeler right now. If any artist wants to collaberote please message me and I'll give more details about the game and its progress. If you are interested into joining our team you will become a part of the staff of the legal entity of the company and once we kick off Kickstarter you will officially get a monthly profit. We have a lot of concept for the game and a lot of programming done but we really need another artist to back us up so if you are free and have nothing better to do in life then please join us. We have a lot of sketches and possible design, and you will help us a lot. I promise it's a good game concept and it's full of good ideas. We have a lot of script done too.

Thank you for reading this!
- Andrew, the manager of the development process.

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