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Oct 10 2019 Anchor

G'day internet,

Where to start with explaining this one? I'm interested in history, and FPS games (this one is inspired by Outlaws), so I thought 'why not add them together?'

At the start of development I was a bit apprehensive about making the game. One person warned my that some people might get really offended if I make it. And then I thought - well if they can make movies about Ned Kelly, is it really that bad if a game is made? And you can decide not to shoot anyone in the game if one really wants too.
Anyway I did a fair bit of research, hired a programmer with the shoe string budget I have, and now the demo & alpha versions are available! Plenty of things to change & implement. Probably re-do the inventory system, better AI etc - but for now - it's enjoyable (to me anyway, and I'm odd, so don't take my word for it), some people may not like this because reloading some guns takes more then 5 seconds :D and I suggest watching the video about how to change the graphics settings in-game. Because if you do not choose 'Ultra' settings on the splash screen, the aspect ratio may change.

*Edit* ok, so I went to update a few things last night, and managed to get a new demo & alpha version uploaded, but then I wanted to change something simple & the computer said 'not tonight' by crashing, so the game might be out of any further updated until I can get the project back into working order.

In the new version though, you can use signal rockets to rally more supporters. This was apparently a thing that could've happened in real life, it's just that Ned did not get to set off the other ones. They are located near the Post Office, in front of a tent. When you walk into them, they are set off and the supporters will appear on the other side of the town.

Various other small fixes, ammo & weapon stacking (can't stack pistols because they can be merged into dual pistols / need to be separate items in the inventory) & underwater effects on most levels. & night time setting for the 1st level, instead of morning /day.

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