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May 9 2017 Anchor

I have these wishes for Ultimate Apocalypse Mod:

1) The coloring of the Iron Hands, Legion of the Damned, and Thousand Sons should be added.
2) Chief Librarian and Chaplain should equip the teleporter instead of the jump pack because the teleport has no delay.
3) Vanguard Veterans should pack pack, instead of teleporter, as they are advanced version of Assault Squad.
4) Centurion Assault Squad and Centurion Devastator Squad should be available for Space Marines at Tier 4.
5) Land Speeder Tempest for Space Marines should be replaced by Stormhawk Interceptor and Stormtalon Gunship.
6) Land Speeder Tempest should be used by Inquisition Daemonhunters, instead. Also, Land Speeder Tempest should equip both Frag and Krak Missiles (It means Frag Missile on left and Krak Missile on right.).
7) Venerable Dreadnought should have both hands.
8) Predator Exterminator and Whirlwind Mk. II should be removed.
9) Vampire Raider should be a transport unit like Thunderhawk, Valkyrie, Night Scythe, and Orca. Instead, Vampire Hunters should be added because it has no transport function.
10) Ancient Wraithguard, Ancient Wraithlord, and Soul Hunter should be removed. Instead, Wraithblade and Wraithseer should be added.
11) Guardian Defenders should have only one Warlock.
12) Dire Avengers should have only one Exarch.
13) All Dark Eldar units should change their designs to the 5th Edition.
14) Dark Eldar should use Revenant Titan from Eldar.
15) Raider should transport 2 squads, while Venom can only transport 1 squad.
16) Wreck, Grotesque, Cronos Parasite Engine, Venom, Razorwing Jetfighter should be added.
17) Tomb Blades and Warbike Mobs should be added; because they uncapture strategic points.
18) Night Scythe should be a transport unit like Thunderhawk, Chaos Thunderhawk, Valkyrie, Vampire Raider, Orca. Instead, Doom Scythe should be added because it has no transport function.
19) Tomb Spyder should be turned into Canoptek Spyder.
20) Pariahs and Death Lord should be removed; since they are no longer available in miniature games.
21) Wraith should be changed into Canoptek Wraith. Canoptek Wraith should also capture strategic points while Builder Scarabs can only build structures.
22) Necron Monolith, Tesseract Vault, Triarch Stalker, Triarch Praetorian should be added.
23) Dakkajet, Blitza-Bommer, Burna-Bommer, Wazbom Blastajet should be added.
24) In Chaos Daemons, Angron only for Khorne, Magnus only for Tzeentch, Mortarion only for Nurgle, Fulgrim only for Slaanesh.
25) Blight Drone should be replaced by Plague Drone.
26) Dark Portal should contain all upgrades from both lesser demons and greater demons.
27) Hell Blade should be added.
28) Description of Techmarine: Elite Builder Unit. Can build a structure 2x faster than Servitors.
29) Description of Artisan: Elite Builder Unit. Can build a structure 2x faster than Ecclesiarchal Servitors.
30) Description of Warpsmith: Elite Builder Unit. Can build a structure 2x faster than Heretics.
31) Description of XV30 Heavy Builder: Elite Builder Unit. Can build a structure 2x faster than Earth Caste Builders.
32) Land Raider Terminus Ultra should have no transport function.
33) The player switch must be moved to the bottom of the menu bar.
34) Nightwing, Phoenix, Vampire Raider, and Vampire Hunter should be produced in a different structure.
35) Warp Talons should be added; as they are advanced version of Chaos Raptors.
36) The Cult Marines (Khorne Berzerkers, Rubric Marines, Plague Marines, Noise Marines) should be only available when choosing the Chaos gods.
37) Dark Apostle (the antithesis of the Chaplain) should be added.
38) Lord of Change should only be summoned when the Chaos Sorceror Lord is sacrificed, rather than producing from Daemon pit.
39) Chosen Chaos Space Marine Squad (the antithesis of Starguard Veteran Squad) should be added.
40) Hellbrute (the antithesis of the Venerable Dreadnought) should be added.
41) Grand Lord of Chaos upgrade should be available from Sacrificial Circle, rather than being a Wargear.
42) The description of Field Medic is duplicated.
43) Inquisition Daemonhunters should produce Thunderhawk from Astra Telepathica.
44) XV25 Stealth Suit should be the leader of XV15 Stealth Suit, rather than become single unit.
45) Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor should wear the helmet.
46) Stormhawk Interceptor, Stormtalon Gunship, Thunderhawk, and Stormraven Gunship should be produced in a different structure.
47) Dark Eldar should use toggle taskbar.
48) Eldar should use Wraithknight as their Titan.
49) Tau Empire should use XV104 Riptide Battlesuit as their Titan.
50) Tormentor Titan, XV101 Riptide Titan, and XV202 Mako Titan should be removed.
51) Chaos Sorcerer Lord should be produced from Desecrated Stronghold, rather than from Sacrificial Pit.
52) Space Marines should use Hunter as the anti-air unit, instead. Stalker should be moved to Inquisition Daemonhunters.

Edited by: lybio

May 10 2017 Anchor

Wow, that's a lot of text xD


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