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Jul 6 2019 Anchor

Hello guys!
Almost 7 months ago I started working as a one-man team on my first low poly multiplayer survival game Ostrofa in addition to my day job as a software engineer.
Making games alone is very, very hard and time-consuming, but the best part about it is that you can make all the decisions yourself.
I did not get a lot of sleep these months, but I feel that it was absolutely worth it and I feel very proud of what I've done so far.
I still have a long way to go, but to keep me motivated, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the current progress of the game.
I know I am being very optimistic, but currently, I plan to get the beta version out by 22nd of August this year.

Here is official announcement trailer:

This is the official website where you can register for the beta/create your account & find more info about the game and support future development:

If you want to offer some help, please reach me at

Join conversations @ Discord:
Follow on Instagram:


Jul 8 2019 Anchor

That's a lot of nice work!

I might give it a try sometime. I'm busy as well but I'll make some time to play it.

Scary ending heh, escalated into a slasher / horror like game. XD

Jul 8 2019 Anchor

Extra cool armor & weapons will not be craftable but found in the chests around the map!

screen 3360x2100 1

Working on Ostrofa + Steam integration. Getting some cool achievements ready for you to unlock in the game! 🏆🏆🏆

Screenshot 2019 07 11 at 18 45 2

You'll be able to find chests of gear on these shipwrecks as well! :eek::eek:🚢🚢🚢

screen 3360x2100 1 1

Nighttime at Ostrofa world. :whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:

screen 3360x2100 2

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