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Apr 4 2013 Anchor


Im kind of new here, i have created a "game" on this site, it was all working great but when i click on my name it says i have 0 games however if i search for my game it finds it and it says there its mine. It was working for around 1 month but not anymore. It concerns me as i do not want it to fall into some sort of online limbo shortly before i finish/release it

The game is "Sweezy Gunner"


have i asked this question in the wrong place?

May 4 2013 Anchor

As of may 3rd i have been having the same problem,when logged in all my uploads are missing,when logged out they all are there so what the heck is going on? have not found a solution to this issue and no threads out there anywhere about it,this is is the first one even mentions this so PLEASE FIX THE SITE or explain how to fix this! thanks

May 5 2013 Anchor

My Games are also all Gone from the Desura Client.

Deinstall & Reinstall does not fix the Problem.

Please Advise ASAP.

Cheers from sunny Germany

*update* Fixed the Problem. I Deinstalled Desura from F:\Desura, reboot, Installed again in the original Location the installer suggest.

All Games Accounted for.

Weird Bug.

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May 5 2013 Anchor

Richtschwert how can one fix the problem for moddb page any idea? when loggin in everything missing,logged out i can see my uploads,it seems this post does not get much attention from admins?

ind1 Evil Genius
May 5 2013 Anchor

I would email the admins
or post in this forum:
the forum your in now is more for game help not help with any of the db sites.



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